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Ashlyn team members tie the knot and celebrate with its residents

by Lisa Carr

Excelcare team members, James and Nicola met working at Essex based care home Ashlyn and recently involved residents in their marriage celebrations.

The residents of Ashlyn Care Home were in for treat when two team members, James and Nicola, tied the knot after 7 years together.

The couple met each other 9 years ago while working together at the home and through their shared connection of caring for the people living there, began seeing each other as a couple in 2013.

Those living at Ashlyn have seen their relationship blossom from when they first met, through to when they announced that they would be getting married. The residents were delighted and couldn’t

wait to see them celebrate their special day.

After tying the knot at Moot Hall, a local beauty spot in Harlow, the couple headed to Ashlyn to celebrate with everyone at Ashlyn, dressed in full wedding attire.

The residents were thrilled when they came through the door, seeing their beloved team dressed in their ‘Glad Rags’ and were very grateful that they could be a part of their special day. For many,

seeing them in their wedding attire brought back happy memories from when their own weddings and brought a tear to the eye for a few.

Peggy, who lives at Ashlyn, shared memories of making her daughter’s wedding dress and said it was “wonderful to see them on their special day”.

For James and Nicola, stopping at the care home was something they both wanted to do, as without it, they may have never met. The people who live there are considered as part of their extended

family, so they enjoyed going back to the roots of their relationship and involving the people living and working there.

It was a wonderful day and now each time they both attend a shift at Ashlyn, they’ll be reminded of their marriage and the many happy memories they have made together within its walls.

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