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Supported adults have their say in half a million pound redevelopment at Norfolk care home

by Kirsty Kirsty

People supported by a leading provider of adult social care have played a key role in helping develop the look and feel of 18 refurbished flats at an Attleborough support service.  

The work forms part of a half a million-pound investment into the 8 Acres site in Norfolk, operated by adult social care and support provider National Care Group

The service, which currently supports 17 vulnerable adults, each with a specialist set of support needs, has recently delivered substantial improvements to its grounds and housing facilities, including a new driveway and fencing development, as well as new kitchens and bathrooms in most of its flats.  

Crucially, supported adults had the opportunity to have their say on the redecoration of their bedrooms, with themes, colour choices and flooring options, alongside sensory items, and wall furnishings, tailored to stimulate their development and needs. 

Tracey Land, a supported person at the service, said: “I used a paint colour chart to help me choose the colours that I would like to have in my flat and shower room. I chose blue and a pale green because I love the sea, while the brown floor reminds me of the beach. 

“My shower room too was painted in black, yellow and grey to remind me of my favourite insects, bees. I’m really happy that I was allowed to create a place that is perfect and I can call home.” 

Another supported person, Peter Reeder, echoed Tracey’s sentiment in making personal choices for his room. 

He said: “My bedroom colour is a navy blue, which indicates the evening and bedtime to me. My bed is against the window and I often just look out to the stars in the dark blue sky. I feel very content with the choice of colours for my flat.” 

Further improvements to the 8 Acres site are planned in 2023, with a greenhouse area allowing carers and supported individuals to take part together in planned activities and hobbies. 

The works form part of a wider rejuvenation of the service, which started with the appointment of 23-year care sector veteran Tara Currie as the registered manager to the site last June. 

Tara said: “We’re passionate and dedicated to supporting our young adults to lead rich and fulfilling lives. Having them involved in the design process really made them feel at home in their environment, which, ultimately, alongside the support we provide, is our top priority as adult social care providers.  

“Alongside the work that has gone into changing the look and feel of this site, we have also implemented some great new initiatives, such as our family forum, which enables the families of supported adults to play a huge role in shaping and supporting our services. We’re now looking forward to working on our future projects to progress 8 Acres even further over the coming years.” 

As well as the physical improvements to the site, the service has also recently enjoyed success with one of its supported people moving on to meaningful employment, and another person moving onto a more independent supported living service. 

Commenting on the success and improvements at 8 Acres, James Allen, chief executive of National Care Group, said: “Investing in our sites is part of a continual improvement programme at National Care Group to enable the people we support to reach their full potential. The services provided at 8 Acres are testament to this philosophy, building in not just the essentials but a range of sensory and homely improvements that help both the people we support and their team to feel empowered in their surroundings.  

“With the further development in the pipeline for next year, this is a site that is only going to continue to improve in its quality of surroundings. It will provide an environment for the people we support to be involved in meaningful activities that enhance their lives and wellbeing.” 

For more information on National Care Group and the services it provides, visit https://nationalcaregroup.com/.  

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