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National Care Group pledges to cover cost for colleagues requiring HRT for menopause symptons

by Lisa Carr

With one in ten menopausal women experiencing symptoms for 12 years, which can manifest through hot flushes, headaches, anxiety and poor concentration, supporting women’s health has become vital for corporations to consider.

National Care Group, a leading provider of care and support services across the UK, agrees that more needs to be done by employers to prioritise the health and wellbeing of the female workforce.

Claire Leake, people director at National Care Group said: “We currently employ more than 2,300 colleagues, the majority of which are women. As such, it’s our responsibility as an organisation to step up and ensure our team has the support they need when going through the menopause. We are delighted to have joined other larger companies in signing the Wellbeing of Women Menopause Workplace Pledge. As part of our pledge, we have committed to reimbursing the cost of our colleagues’ hormone replacement therapy (HRT) prescriptions.

“At National Care Group we are continually looking for ways to be a menopause friendly workplace and by covering the cost of HRT, which is not currently covered under NHS free prescriptions, we want to ensure money isn’t an obstacle in accessing medication. We feel this financial gesture will be a significant source of support to many who are suffering with menopausal symptoms, especially during the current cost-of-living crisis.

“Last year, we launched our menopause hub as a place to access advice and normalise conversations surrounding menopause. Making our commitment public by taking this pledge is just our next phase of demonstrating that we are a menopause-friendly employer.”

For more information, visit https://nationalcaregroup.com/.

Pictured: Claire Leake people director at National Care Group

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