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CarePlanner’s Truss exercise at The Care Show

by Kirsty Kirsty

The Care show is a time for collaboration, an opportunity for the care sector to come together and celebrate successes, learn from each other’s experiences and maybe blow off a little steam in the evenings. 

In this spirit we held our ‘Truss Exercise’ at our stand this year. We invited attendees to leave a post-it note with a message they wanted to hear from our former PM to assure them that social care was in good hands. Admittedly, at the time we underestimated how perishable the leadership was, however the messages we received remain as fresh as ever and offer an insight into the perspective of the care sector and what they want to hear from the government of the UK.

The overwhelming response was focussed on that thing that makes the world go round, the non-rocking world that is, money. 

‘Please fund social care’ and ‘More funding for better pay’ were understandably common sentiments. Social care’s gas tank is running on the memory of fumes at this point and the need for more funding is felt across the UK. While we wait to see what the upcoming Autumn statement lays out for social care it is clear that significant changes are required to support the sector. A situation compounded by the fact the demand for services keeps increasing, while, as Skills for Care revealed in its recent report, the workforce is shrinking for the first time.

But it’s not all about the money. Social care is a deeply personal calling, one that thrives on human connections, dignity and mutual understanding. It’s only natural then that the second most common response we received was about that little thing Aretha Franklin was asking for: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. 

‘Respect social care and all the community’ was a common sentiment of many responses. Millions of people are deeply indebted to the incredible work care providers have done over the recent years. Although frequently the call for respect wasn’t just from carers for carers, but also extended to the people with whom they share their days with some truly touching sentiments like ‘Care for them like they cared for us’ and ‘Remember the people who made the world we need to protect’.

Of course there was a measure of responses from attendees that trended towards the more ‘direct’, along with a handful of incredibly prescient responses predicting the imminent departure of our then Prime Minister. From ‘I Quit’ to ‘I’m in too deep’ it seems we were graced with the presence of multiple psychics.

In amongst these three core themes were some more specific interests, including our competition winning entry that called for ‘More support for specialist care providers’ as well as others touching on energy, education, reform and yes, even a message of goodwill and hope here and there.

Ultimately though the main point was clear, change needs to come, and while it may have already arrived in government, it remains to be seen in what shape it will arrive for social care.

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