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2023: The year of integrations

by Kirsty Kirsty

Sarah Jenkins, Marketing Executive, Nourish Care

Integrations are the hot topic of 2023. From integrating with technology to Integrated Care Systems (ICS’), integration it seems is inevitable for health and social care.

At Nourish, we thrive on integration. We work with the best technology partners on all aspects of digital care management, becoming an ecosystem of care. It is essential to partner with leading technology providers and combine our expertise to give care providers the very best technology to kick start their digital care planning.

We choose to partner with technology providers who share a common vision, who like us are dedicated to driving collaborative and evidence led solutions within Health and Social Care. We want to harness our joint expertise to find new exciting solutions with undeniable benefits. For our integrations, our focus is the outcome for the people being supported and how the integration will assist them. Integrations we currently support are:

  • Medication Management
  • Preventative Care and Chronic Disease Management
  • Pain Management
  • Personal Wellbeing & Falls Prevention
  • Incident Management
  • Care Administration and Workforce Management
  • NHS

Integrated Care Systems are partnerships of organisations that come together to plan and deliver joined up health and care services, and to improve the lives of people who live and work in their area. ICS’ aims to integrate health care from social care to the NHS, connecting systems and care providers for a seamless approach to digital healthcare. A digital deadline combined with funding from the Department of Health and Social Care is seeing more care services than ever embracing digital care planning. We have helped many care services apply for funding – we’ll put you in touch with the right person from your ICS and help you complete the necessary documents to secure the maximum funding available.

The benefits of digital are clear. Having an overview of your entire service in one place ensures that any and all changes are visible at any time. For key areas such as falls, data can be analysed and acted upon, reducing the number of falls and hospital admissions. Reducing the number of falls will lessen hospital admissions, reducing pressure on the NHS. Integrations such as GP Connect and the Emergency Admission Pack feature encourage a seamless process between health services. GP Connect allows care providers to see prescriptions and GP records of the people they support to ensure a full overview of previous care that will shape the care they will receive. The Emergency Admission Pack promotes a smooth transition for admissions and discharge, ensuring that the essential information follows the person supported from one service to another. Speeding up processes ensures that those receiving care will receive the care most appropriate for them at a much quicker pace.

Using a digital care planning platform saves money on paper and stationery, at Nourish, care providers we partner with found that 95% of managers saved up to £2000 a year on stationery expenses and 65% of care services saved up to 100 sheets of paper every week. Recording care notes digitally saves time for care teams, allowing more time for face-to-face person-centred care and to implement more wellbeing-centred care in the form of outings and activities. Whittingham House, part of LCCL, found that by using Nourish they saved 20 minutes per week per carer. With 10 carers on the floor, this works out at 200 minutes per week – just over 3 hours of time saved that can be reallocated back to the people they support.

Nourish Care provides an easy to use  digital care planning platform to care services in a wide variety of care settings from nursing, elderly care, learning disability and more. Trusted by over 2,800 care services, Nourish works with independent homes supporting less than five people to care groups supporting over 10,000 people. With Nourish, care and support teams can plan, record and coordinate care on our desktop app and on the go via our mobile app which can be securely accessed by staff at any time, anywhere.


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