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Alzheimer’s Society responds to the Chancellor’s budget speech

by Kirsty Kirsty

Alzheimer’s Society reacts to today’s Budget measures announced by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt MP

Fiona Carragher, Director of Research and Influencing at Alzheimer’s Society, says: “With one in three people born in the UK developing dementia in their lifetime, it’s vital the Government seizes the opportunity that has been brought by crucial research advancements. We welcome today’s announcement on the MHRA that has the potential to make new treatments accessible sooner for people living with dementia in the future.  

“This positive step needs to come in conjunction with an urgency to prepare the NHS for new treatments and to accelerate improvements in diagnosis. We also need to see more from the Government to address the crisis in the NHS and social care – impacting thousands of families with dementia every day.  

“With proper investment we can make sure everyone with dementia gets the good quality care they need, when they need it, and without an astronomical price tag. 

“We are ready to work with the Government to deliver change for people affected by dementia. If the NHS and social care are invested in now, the hope given by research can become a reality and we can end the devastation caused by dementia.” 

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