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Care home residents ‘singing with wim’ as Oomph! partners with Richmond Music Therapy

by Kirsty Kirsty

Live music therapy is being brought to care home residents across the UK as part of a new partnership between the wellbeing specialist Oomph!, which is now part of Person Centred Software, and experts at Richmond Music Therapy (RMT).

Enjoying live music therapy is an empowering experience for individuals living in care and has positive health and emotional benefits for adults with different conditions including dementia.

The new weekly live therapy sessions ‘Singing With Wim’ are available to care homes and their residents via Oomph! On Demand’s Live TV channel, whereby Wim Koevoets, a therapist from RMT interacts and engages with adults who may be withdrawn and may have difficulty expressing themselves.

These popular sessions are unique to Oomph! On Demand and have been adapted to help support care staff meet individual resident’s needs. Before therapist Wim begins singing, he keeps everyone engaged throughout the session by providing direction to residents and encourages them to join in with percussion instruments that they have around the home. These weekly therapy sessions include a song book which the care home can print out or display on a digital device. 

Andreas Rosenboom, Head of Music Therapy at Richmond Music Therapy said “We’re really delighted to bring the power of music therapy to so many care residents across the UK by partnering with Oomph!. The innate joy people find in musical interaction enables the therapist to strengthen individuals, encouraging the development of existing or dormant abilities and strengths.”

Ben Benson-Breen, Product Owner of Oomph! said: “Music therapy is an empowering experience, which promotes meaningful communication, a positive sense of self and provides emotional support. We are proud to partner with RMT to bring the benefits of expert music therapy to care home residents across the UK with Oomph! On Demand.”  

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