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Lilli partner with Nourish to deliver data-driven falls prevention  

by Kirsty Kirsty

Lilli, a company using machine learning (ML) to revolutionise home care, has announced a partnership with digital care management provider Nourish Care to support local authorities and care providers in the successful implementation of digital social care records (DSCR) and services designed to help prevent falls and improve the overall quality, safety and personalisation of adult social care.  

Lilli’s proactive, sensor-based monitoring solution working alongside Nourish’s digital care management system will play an essential role in joining up health and care services, empowering residential and domiciliary care providers to share a wider range of real-time information across the sector. 

With ambitious government mandates around digital social care requiring 80% of adult social care providers to have a DSCR solution in place by March 2024, the move will support providers in meeting this target, reducing falls and facilitating a more coordinated approach to care delivery.  

The partnership represents a significant step forward for technology within the social care sector, as providers increasingly leave the paper trail behind to capture data more easily and efficiently at the point of care. 

Nourish’s Partnership Programme joins the dots of the digital ecosystem in the care sector, supporting customers seeking to leverage Lilli’s remote monitoring technology in order to deliver real-time falls prevention and monitoring. Lilli helps care teams build a continuous, comprehensive picture of service user needs outside of scheduled care hours, gathering the data-backed evidence they need to develop the right care package for each individual. This, in turn, helps to support healthy and independent living while reducing the likelihood of crisis events, including falls.

Trials show significant time and cash savings 

Recent trials of Lilli’s preventative solution across North Tyneside Council and Nottingham City Homes have generated exceptional cost, time and resource savings across an overstretched health and social care system, ranging from the reallocation of resources equivalent to over 7,000 commissioned care hours to six-figure cash savings and hospital discharge accelerated by over two weeks. 

Combined with the shared expertise and care management software of Nourish, the synergies between the two providers will help to accelerate and optimise care outcomes across the UK.  

Nick Weston, chief commercial officer at Lilli, commented: “Our partnership with Nourish is an exciting opportunity to extend our reach and make better lives happen for a more diverse range of service users. 

“No single provider can solve the complex challenges and resource constraints facing the adult social care sector, but collaborating with Nourish will ignite a multitude of positive health and care outcomes across a much broader context.”  

Denise Tack, director of partner and business engagement at Nourish Care, added: “Nourish and Lilli have a strong working relationship with both businesses working towards a more joined up digital ecosystem in the care sector.  

“Lilli’s innovative remote monitoring solution will sit alongside Nourish in delivering high-quality, consistent data and services to local authorities and care providers well ahead of next year’s digital social care records target. 

“Our collaboration with Lilli’s technology will improve outcomes for many service users and not only ensures comprehensive and reliable data, but will set the standard for care provision across the sector.”  

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