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Carers UK responds to NHS Long Term Workforce Plan

by Lisa Carr

Helen Walker, Chief Executive, Carers UK, commenting on the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan said:  

“Carers UK is disappointed that the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan has not taken the option to specifically recognise the needs of unpaid carers who also work for the NHS. It is imperative that we now take forward the steps outlined in the NHS Assembly vision for the NHS on its 75th birthday which includes goals for unpaid carers.  

“Around one in three NHS employees are also unpaid carers, so it’s important the NHS provides effective support at work, so NHS workers don’t have to reduce their hours or leave their jobs. Neither are desirable for the NHS or the carers themselves.  

“Carers UK’s Employers for Carers membership forum and our Carer Confident benchmarking scheme shows that many of our NHS members are already trailblazing and offering this additional support, such as paid leave or special leave for carers. But carers need this to be the case wherever they work. Carers UK encourage, and are ready to help, all NHS organisations to go above and beyond the minimum requirements and make carers an enhanced offer of support. By supporting unpaid carers, we can enhance recruitment and retention of staff, which benefits the NHS we all need and value in its 75th year and beyond.”

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