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Addressing business challenges through a unique approach to international recruitment

by Kirsty Kirsty

Joe Desmond, Owner and Managing Director, Recruit2Care

In a bold move to solve a pressing social care problem, Recruit2Care, a UK-based recruitment agency, is revolutionising social care by helping care providers embrace international recruitment opportunities.

Joe Desmond, the owner and Managing Director of Recruit2Care, is challenging traditional recruitment models by bringing in qualified talent from abroad and helping them adapt and settle in the UK. He recognises that high staff turnover and temporary staff can undermine the quality and consistency of care, a concern especially significant in a sector that is fundamentally about human relationships.

“The governments £15 million fund to help tackle the barriers of international recruitment is a huge support to the sector, but it presents a challenge as companies struggle to understand how they can use it successfully whilst juggling ever increasing care demands against the very real pastoral responsibilities of hiring a workforce with no cultural experience of living and working in the UK,” says Joe.

To ensure continuity, reliability, and professionalism in the sector Joe takes a personal and hands-on approach. With a philosophy of “meet and greet,” Joe is personally involved in welcoming and guiding every recruit through their transition. This direct involvement ensures that recruits and care companies feel supported, paving the way for better retention and a more committed workforce.

One recent recruit, Fatuma Shamirah who is now working for Your Choice Devon as a Care Worker had this to say about her experience of applying and starting her new role: “I had a great amazing professional experience throughout my recruitment process. Recruit2care was very professional and communicated throughout the recruitment process until I secured my job and certificate of sponsorship.”

While the idea of international recruitment is not new, it does raise some ethical considerations. Critics argue that it could potentially deplete other countries of their skilled workforce. In response, Desmond emphasises that Recruit2Care operates under a strict ethical recruitment policy.

“We’re committed to a win-win approach,” he says. “We want to offer opportunities to skilled workers from around the world, but not at the expense of their home countries. We ensure our practices are sustainable and ethical.”

The main aim of embracing this new wave of skilled and qualified employees is to provide the social care sector with the much-needed stability and reliability it needs. A stronger, permanent workforce builds longer-term team and caring relationships. Desmond’s strategy aims to reduce reliance on agency staff by focussing on nurturing a committed and permanent workforce providing improved care and an overall increase in care satisfaction.

“With permanent staff, there’s a sense of ownership and dedication that’s hard to replicate with agency staff,” says Joe. “They become part of the fabric of an organisation and the communities they serve.” This mantra is very much reflected in the feedback from employees Joe engages with.

Gill Holden, Director at AStar Homecrae had this to say about their recent experience working with Recruit2Care: “I can’t tell you how grateful we are. Recruit2Care made the funding and recruitment journey seamless. Joe was always professional, always in contact, and innovative in his approach. As an CQC rated Outstanding business we have very high expectations, we were never disappointed with the service we received from Recruit2Care.”

By improving staff retention, Recruit2Care also reduces the cost and disruption associated with frequent hiring and training. The money saved can then be reinvested into the business to improve services or raise wages, creating a virtuous cycle of improvement and stability.

Joe goes on to say: “Employers inevitably rely on agency and bank staff in the short term to maintain adequate patient care levels. Yet, by investing in international recruitment for the long term, these expenses can be substantially lowered in the future.

“While there are inherent costs tied to international recruitment – notably the Immigration Skills Charge – these expenses are offset within a mere 12 weeks when juxtaposed with the costs of employing agency staff.

“Our clients trust us to provide caregivers who are reliable, committed, and professional.”

By selecting such individuals, Recruit2Care assures that its clients receive the best possible care, thereby improving the reputation of the social care sector as a whole.

Ultimately, Recruit2Care’s international recruitment strategy is all about ensuring the continuity of service. The social care sector is a crucial pillar of our society, and its efficiency and effectiveness can significantly impact the quality of life for many. By reducing reliance on agency staff and improving retention rates, Recruit2Care is laying the groundwork for a more stable, reliable, and caring social care system.

In a sector often defined by its challenges, Recruit2Care is carving a new path, demonstrating that ethical, international recruitment and a commitment to permanent, reliable staff can deliver much-needed stability and quality to the field of social care.

Joe concludes; “We believe our personal approach to international recruitment has made Recruit2Care a beacon of light in an industry marked by frequent change and unpredictability. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously; we know that to get care right the team has to be right too. The role of the team goes beyond the usual business metrics of productivity and efficiency. If the team is well-qualified, motivated, and works together effectively, the chances of better-quality care provision increases significantly. That’s got to be worth investing in!”


Image depicts Joe Desmond, Owner and Managing Director, Recruit2Care

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