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Transforming Home Care through Strategic International Recruitment

by Lisa Carr

In today’s fast-paced world, many businesses face the challenge of aligning their operations with the constantly changing needs of their clients. Among these, the home care industry is no exception.

For In Safe Hands, a prominent home care company situated in rural Cheshire, the challenge of staffing weighed heavily on their operations, to the point where future goals of expansion were at stake. As demand for their services increased, they were on the brink of having to decline new business due to insufficient staff. The struggle to maintain high standards of care while battling recruitment issues became the albatross around their neck.

In more isolated regions, recruitment can be a monumental challenge. With a smaller pool of potential employees and fewer resources at their disposal, In Safe Hands faced the uphill task of attracting the right talent. Many recruitment services promised the world but delivered very little, leaving In Safe Hands dismayed and on the brink of compromising the high standards of care they are known for.

Enter Joe from Recruit2Care.

“From the very beginning, Joe presented a different picture. He wasn’t just another recruiter; he was a strategic partner who understood Safe Hands’ unique challenges and aspirations” said Rachel Wright, Managing Director of In Safe Hands Recognising the recruitment bottleneck that stifled the company’s growth, Joe made it his mission to unblock this hindrance.

International recruitment, with its myriad of complexities, might deter many. However, Joe demystified the process. The focus shifted from why In Safe Hands couldn’t expand to how Recruit2Care would ensure they did. With meticulous planning, Joe handled every facet of the recruitment drive – from overseeing the necessary e-learning for potential candidates before they entered the UK, to organising transition into housing, transportation needs, faith connections and advice on diet and supplements to help maintain a healthy workforce, Joe exceeded expectations.

Moreover, the personalised approach Joe took was unlike any other. “Instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all model, he invested time in visiting the site, talking to the team, to understand the values and the ethos of In Safe Hands. This was not merely a transaction for him. His commitment to finding the right fit for the company culture was evident in his every move.” Said Rachel.

The results spoke for themselves. With the staffing challenge addressed, In Safe Hands could once again focus on what they did best: providing top-notch care. The influx of dedicated and well-trained staff meant that the company could expand its business without compromising on quality.

In the world of recruitment, understanding a client’s needs goes beyond just filling vacancies. It’s about comprehending the heart and soul of a business, its culture, and its aspirations. Joe from Recruit2Care exemplified this. His relentless efforts transformed In Safe Hands, allowing them to not only meet but exceed the expectations of their clients.

To those in similar positions, hesitant to venture into international recruitment, the story of In Safe Hands stands as a testament to what can be achieved with the right partnership. As an advocate of Joe’s methods, In Safe Hands firmly believes that with the right understanding and approach, every challenge can be turned into an opportunity.

While the global recruitment landscape may be vast and often daunting, companies like Recruit2Care, with their dedication and bespoke solutions, are ensuring that businesses like In Safe Hands can continue to shine, making a difference one recruit at a time, allowing business owners to focus on quality of care to the clients and meeting regulatory requirements.

Ultimately, Recruit2Care’s international recruitment strategy is all about ensuring the continuity of service. The social care sector is a crucial pillar of our society, and its efficiency and effectiveness can significantly impact the quality of life for many. The company has never had to resort to the use of agency staff thus improving retention rates, Recruit2Care is laying the groundwork for a more stable, reliable, and caring social care system.

In an impressive move to cater to the growing demands of their clientele, In Safe Hands has expanded their horizons by recruiting talent from overseas. This strategic decision has not only allowed them to more than double their weekly hours of care delivery but has also significantly slashed their waiting lists. Clients and stakeholders alike are rejoicing at the promptness and efficiency brought by this influx of global professionals. Moreover, this leap in operational capability has vastly improved the company’s EBITDA, reaffirming In Safe Hands’ commitment to both superior care and sustainable growth.

In a sector often defined by its challenges, Recruit2Care is carving a new path, demonstrating that ethical, international recruitment and a commitment to permanent, reliable staff can deliver much-needed stability and quality to the field of social care.

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