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Adopt a Grandparent named as beneficiary partner by leading social care organisation

by Lisa Carr

Adopt a Grandparent has been named the beneficiary partner by a leading organisation in the social care sector, as it continues in its mission to combat isolation amongst the UK’s older population.

Championing Social Care, a leading advocate for the care sector, has announced that Adopt a Grandparent has been selected as the beneficiary partner for its Christmas Lunch event. The annual celebration brings together industry leaders, partners, and supporters to reflect upon the year’s accomplishments and to express gratitude to all those who have contributed to its mission.

Adopt a Grandparent works to pair elderly care home residents with volunteers worldwide to combat loneliness and isolation. What began as a project based out of one Surrey care home group became a fully-fledged charity in 2022 and now works with care homes across the UK, with almost 100,000 volunteers signed up to ‘adopt’.

The second Christmas Lunch event for the Championing Social Care organisation, which has already raised over £400,000 for the Care Workers’ Charity and Alzheimer’s Society, has Virgin Money as its headline sponsor – using its partnerships programme to provide support to grassroots organisations across the UK. This year, the Christmas Lunch will serve as a platform to raise funds for Adopt a Grandparent, which will be instrumental in helping it to grow as a charity, develop its technology further, and expand its operations across all four home nations. 

The gathering will be attended by almost 200 senior leaders and care professionals from the sector, providing a valuable opportunity for the charity to connect with prominent figures in the field, share its milestones and achievements, and for industry leaders to gain valuable insights into its journey thus far – bringing its mission to the forefront of the social care sector. 

Shaleeza Hasham, Founder of Adopt a Grandparent, said: “We are overjoyed to be the beneficiary partner of the Championing Social Care Christmas Lunch. The essence of Adopt a Grandparent has always been about weaving threads of connection between generations, and this partnership allows us to amplify that mission. It’s a heartwarming reminder that, even during the busiest times of the year, we can come together to make a real, positive impact. It’s great to see different organisations sharing the common goal of spreading joy and companionship among the older generation.”

Championing Social Care is a volunteer-led group of leaders from across the social care sector. Its mission revolves around amplifying positive narratives and driving transformative initiatives within the industry, casting a spotlight on the endeavours undertaken by care professionals. It also actively raises funds to bolster individuals and organisations making contributions to social care.

Mandip Bhogal, Chair of the Christmas Lunch and an organising committee member of Championing Social Care, said: “The Christmas Lunch serves as a reminder of the incredible strides made in the care sector, and this year, having Adopt a Grandparent as our beneficiary partner amplifies the spirit of togetherness.”

Mandip continued: “The alignment between our respective missions demonstrates that, despite our different focuses, our shared goal is to enrich the lives of those living within our local communities. We are excited to collaborate with Adopt a Grandparent to bring forth a deeper sense of connection and purpose to the older community. This partnership symbolises the merging of our efforts to create a more compassionate and interconnected society.”

This year’s Christmas Lunch will take place on Friday 15th December at the RAC Club, Pall Mall, London. 

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