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Brainkind becomes one of the largest providers of brain injury care in the UK 

by Lisa Carr

Brainkind is delighted to announce the completion of the acquisition of three neurological care services from Sue Ryder.  This means that almost 400 members of staff who work at the services as well as up to 120 people with an acquired brain injury and other neurological conditions will become part of Brainkind. 

Brainkind is committed to building specialist, co-produced services and delivering leading-edge clinical practice around brain injury. The acquisition of these services provides Brainkind with an opportunity to achieve these strategic objectives while enhancing the quality of care and support provided to people with neurological conditions and brain injuries. 

Our rehabilitation and care model spans the full clinical pathway from immediate post-hospital restorative rehabilitation to long-term support for life.  We already provide similar services to people with neurological conditions in other facilities across the UK. Following a comprehensive review of all the people supported at these services, we confirmed that our rehabilitation model and clinical approach are well-suited to meeting the needs of the people in the services formerly operated by Sue Ryder. 

The services that have been acquired are: 

  • Neurological Care Centre Lancashire, Preston 
  • Neurological Care Centre Stagenhoe, Hertfordshire 
  • Neurological Care Centre The Chantry, Ipswich 

“The acquisition the Sue Ryder neurological services enable us – together with our new experienced colleagues – to provide care and rehabilitation to more people, but also to a wider group of people with a range of neurological conditions. We are excited to be able to expand our services and expertise, to help us care for more people with neurological conditions and brain injuries”. Professor Rudi Coetzer, Director of Clinical Services, Brainkind 

 “The three new neurological services from Sue Ryder will help us achieve more impact and greater reach – both within our services and beyond.  We are really looking forward to welcoming new staff and people we support into Brainkind.  We will continue to offer an excellent quality of service to people with a brain injury or related neurological conditions using our rehabilitation model. 

Our state-of-the-art, 40-bed, Brainkind Neurological Centre in York is due for completion in later this year.  This, alongside this acquisition, represents a significant increase in the number of people able to benefit from this investment into our brain injury rehabilitation and neurological services. It really feels like we are on the cusp of an exciting era for the organisation”. Irene Sobowale, CEO, Brainkind 

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