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Vivant Living: Luxury Home Care Service launches in London

by Kirsty Kirsty

A luxury home care service centred on integrating seamlessly with its clients’ existing lifestyles has launched in London, as it looks to provide discreet and tailored care support focused on enabling clients to continue living their life to the full.

The new care offering, Vivant, is set to deliver a high-end, high-quality service with an emphasis on empowering clients to continue living their life as they’ve always lived it – with care support blending unobtrusively alongside their day-to-day lives.

Incorporating an exclusive concierge service, personalised, tailored care support, companionship and more, Vivant is committed to meeting the diverse needs of its clientele in a way that matters to them, with comfort, dignity, independence and autonomy at the heart of its offering.

The key aspects of Vivant’s new care service includes:

Concierge: Vivant’s concierge service is designed to accompany and assist clients in their everyday activities. Whether that’s socialising, attending exercise classes, going on shopping trips, managing healthcare appointments, or liaising with medical professionals, Vivant looks to ensure that clients can maintain their active lifestyles seamlessly and free of stress.

Tailored care support: Recognising that every individual has unique requirements, Vivant offers personalised care support, adapted for individual needs. The level of care is centred on clients’ choice, ensuring that they receive the right level of assistance and attention and with their wishes always factored in.

Team selection: Vivant puts the power of choice in the hands of its clients and that goes as far as encouraging clients to choose their preferred care team based on personal preferences, helping to foster a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Vivant has been launched by CEO and Founder, Louise Blezzard, who, previously, was Group Director of Wellbeing & Membership at Loveday. With an extensive career in the care sector, which began with nursing, before going on to incorporate roles as a registered manager, operational manager and CQC Inspector, Louise has cultivated this experience to create an offering that matches her vision of how care should be delivered.

Commenting on the launch of Vivant, Louise Blezzard said: “Vivant is more than a luxury home care service; it’s a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for our clients. We understand the importance of choice and autonomy, and our services are designed to empower individuals to continue living life on their terms. We know that, wherever possible, people want to carry on living in their own homes – and we provide discreet support and companionship to help ensure that can continue as long as possible.”

Vivant is set to redefine the landscape of home care services in London, combining a luxury approach with personalised care to create a unique and unparalleled experience.

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