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Home carers accessing real-time data on patient condition, 80% reduction in hospitalisation

by Kirsty Kirsty

Cera, one of the UK’s fastest-growing technology-enabled homecare providers, today announced a collaboration with Google Cloud to optimise the company’s data-driven healthcare operations. Cera is leveraging Google Cloud to construct an advanced data mesh,enabling the company to scale operations and better organise and manage data to drive greater care innovation.

Cera’s technology, utilised by carers via the Cera App, helps more people live longer, better, healthier lives in their own homes through the delivery of effective, insight-led care. Recording a number of insights relating to vital health signs and the execution of care plans, the app helps carers react to a range of signals and uncover the ‘next best action’ for a patient as a result of real-time artificial intelligence and data analytics capabilities.

Cera safely and securely gathers a wealth of data that holds crucial clinical and operational insights pertaining to the delivery and overall efficiency of care. With its new data architecture powered by Google Cloud, data analytics capabilities and resulting actionable insights are brought closer to those on the front line. Through its collaboration with Google Cloud, Cera is further democratising access to data-driven decision making, empowering carers with advanced insights that can lead to better decisions and more effective health outcomes for patients. 

Cera has transformed the depth of insight available from operational applications and internal datasets by leveraging Google Cloud’s real-time integration and processing capabilities. Through the company’s new advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, Cera has been able to help its care teams further reduce hospitalisation rates, currently by up to 70%, and in turn alleviate capacity pressures on the NHS.

Cera carers are now able to view live operational data in near real time, whereas data was previously up to 24 hours old. Likewise, care operations teams can view data relating to long-term historical changes in a patient’s condition, where data was previously only available for the last visit. With a better view of how a patient’s health and well-being has evolved, carers on the frontline can be quickly directed on where and when interventions need to be made, with far greater speed and accuracy – on a near-instant basis.

“With Google Cloud, the benefits also translate to Cera’s internal product development teams, who can now more rapidly consolidate data from hundreds of sources to develop more advanced data science and machine learning capabilities, bringing products to market more quickly” says Nathan Windle, Director of Data at Cera.

“With a greater understanding of operational performance enabled by this more advanced approach, Cera can now make quicker and more accurate data-led decisions based on insights, ensuring that both quality of care delivery and new product development is more effective.”

Adrian Poole, director, Digital Natives UKI, Google Cloud said: “By building a modern data mesh on Google Cloud, Cera can unlock deeper insights from its data, enabling faster development of solutions that address critical home healthcare needs.”

Dr Ben Maruthappu, CEO at Cera, comments: “With growing demands on healthcare, there is a greater need to deliver faster, more effective care that enables people to receive the support they need in the comfort of their own home. Digital-led, AI-enabled solutions will support this mission in being realised, and it’s exactly what we’re pioneering at Cera.”

Maruthappu adds, “Our valued partnership with Google Cloud is important to unlocking the potential of data analytics and predictive technologies, driving forward even greater innovation capabilities for Cera. As AI continues to play an increasingly vital role in the delivery of all healthcare, we’re proud to partner with such a well-respected data innovator to help Cera address the care needs of individuals in the UK.”

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