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Bluebird Care Redbridge celebrates 15 years of exceptional service

by Kirsty Kirsty

Bluebird Care Redbridge, Epping, and Harlow celebrated a milestone anniversary on Friday, February 16th, marking 15 years of dedicated service in providing high-quality care to its customers in the comfort of their own homes. 

The anniversary festivities, held at the Bluebird Care Redbridge, Epping, and Harlow office, were a joyous occasion, bringing together the team, customers, and members of the community to honour the journey of success over the past 15 years. 

Among the guests present were Councillor Saira Jamil, Deputy Mayor of Redbridge, and Lee Walsh, Operations Director from Bluebird Care Head Office. The event also welcomed fellow Bluebird Care team members and customers along with their families from the four different areas served: Southend and Rochford, Essex West, Mid Essex, as well as Redbridge. 

The celebration was a collaborative effort, with the team coming together to decorate the office with balloons and banners, and preparing delicious food for all attendees. Notably, Theresa, one of the valued team members, crafted delightful Bluebird Care Cakes for the occasion, in addition to an incredible cake which was sent by Bluebird Care Head Office and was adored by all the customers. 

Reflecting on the milestone, Lucy McCormack, Director of Bluebird Care Redbridge, Epping and Harlow, shared her sentiments, stating:  

It was great to mark the 15th birthday of our Bluebird Care Redbridge office last week. Bluebird Care has been in our family for a significant period of time, and our customers and colleagues have taught us so much throughout the years. This was a time to mark our team’s service to the community and thank our customers for their loyalty. A great celebration all round.” 

Bluebird Care Redbridge, Epping, and Harlow remains committed to their mission of delivering exceptional care services to their customers and look forward to many more years of serving the community with compassion and dedication. 


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