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Signature Senior Lifestyle Transforms Employee Engagement and Retention with Innovative Mobile App

by Kirsty Kirsty

Signature Senior Lifestyle, a luxury assisted living, nursing, respite and dementia care provider, has successfully implemented a ground-breaking mobile app, significantly enhancing employee retention and communication within its 10-home luxury care group.

The app, introduced initially for the in-house ‘agency-style’ Regional Carers team, was designed to address their need for direct communication with each home. The app facilitates seamless direct communication (both Signature-to-colleague and colleague-to-colleague), sharing of new shifts, dissemination of corporate information, and online meetings, and enables direct peer support. It also provides the gateway through which Carers access pay slips and the Employee Assistance Programme.

Following promising results with the Regional Carers team, Signature Senior Lifestyle strategically  extended the app’s usage to all home-based teams. All ten Signature care homes have been onboarded and are embracing this transformative communication tool.

Opting to build the app in-house rather than purchase an existing solution, Signature Senior Lifestyle tailored it to meet its unique operational requirements. Despite various available apps, none offered the comprehensive features necessary for the luxury care provider. The investment, deemed low-cost compared to the substantial benefits realised, was followed by a rollout programme with each home introduced to the app during six sessions hosted over two days, meaning 60 sessions total across all homes. This allowed every team member to attend, and using the app will be included as part of induction for all new starters moving forward.   

The app has ushered in positive changes, including enhanced communication and real-time information sharing, increased engagement in company initiatives, simplified shift management, and heightened employee satisfaction, as evidenced by the latest employee survey.

The app is a cornerstone of the highly successful Regional Carers programme, which enables carers to work flexibly across any of the group’s homes when additional support is required due to annual leave or sickness and has achieved a 96% annual colleague retention rate. Signature  hopes the full Group-wide rollout of the app will similarly boost employee retention across all job roles.

Ongoing support, training sessions, and continuous improvement based on user feedback have been pivotal to the app’s success. The organisation underscores the significance of direct communication, engagement, and recognition in bolstering staff morale and retention.

Kay Cox, CEO of Signature Senior Lifestyle, commented:

“I’m very pleased with the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from our 800-plus employees who have used the app. We’ve seen remarkable results in terms of improved communication, engagement, and, ultimately, staff retention. The app has truly transformed  how we connect and collaborate across our care homes, and brings to life the importance we place on valuing our teams and ensuring they feel an engaged part of the organisation. By investing heavily into  internal communications, we’re hoping to set an example across the sector.”

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