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Local live-in care provider scoops award for best workplace environment

by Kirsty Kirsty

A Buckinghamshire-based live-in care provider has been recognised for having the ‘Best Workplace Environment’ for a small business at the UK Small Business Awards.

Eximius was announced as the winner earlier this month (4th Feb) for providing a stimulating environment, prioritising employee wellbeing, and having a workplace culture rooted in core values.

Maria Climie, managing director at Eximius, said: “We are delighted to have been recognised at a national level for our workplace environment. 

“At Eximius, we believe that a happy team is at the heart of exceptional care services; when we empower our staff and prioritise their wellbeing, they show up each day, happy and committed to making a real difference. 

“Our team is nothing short of phenomenal – they deserve that recognition in some way everyday which is why we’ve always prided ourselves on our workplace culture and values.”

Eximius provides holistic support, a safe work environment and flexible working patterns while also investing in growth and individual development.  

Louise Hammond, a live-in carer, said: “Eximius has an outstanding team of not only carers but an excellent support network in the staff that run the company. Eximius goes above and beyond in all aspects of care, including hand picking each professional carer to match the specific needs of each of their clients. The back-up we receive from both the office and the one-to-one hands-on support we receive from our line management is second to none.”

Similarly, Suzanne Warner, service relations manager at Eximius, praised the company for valuing her skills as a working mother. 

She said: “As a working mother, I am elated to have found a workplace that values the skills and work ethic I bring to my role without hindering my family life.

“It’s a genuine passion for going the extra mile and celebrating what people can bring to their roles, rather than to assume or prejudge a person’s capability because of their circumstances, that I feel sets Eximius apart.”

Eximius has also been recognised for its workplace culture, which is based on open and honest communication where each individual is supported, celebrated and empowered to excel.

The UK Small Business Awards celebrate entrepreneurship, innovation and the contributions of small businesses across UK industry. 

To find out more about Eximius, visit https://eximiussupport.uk/

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