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Everon UK announces new tech partnerships to power home care innovation

by Kirsty Kirsty

Everon, the European market leader in digital grouped living solutions, used its platform as headline sponsor at the International Technology Enabled Care Conference (ITEC) 2024 to announce four new strategic partnerships aimed at helping more people to live longer, healthier lives at home.

 The collaborations with Howz and their technical partner Develco Products, IRIS-IoT & Cair were announced at The ICC in Birmingham. ITEC is the UK’s leading assisted living technology event with a focus on transforming futures through knowledge, innovation and action.

Everon will work with each of the new partners on assisted living solutions that will contribute to improved proactive care within the home and reduced need for care home and emergency admissions.

Peter Kerly, Managing Director, Everon UK, said: “The four strategic partnerships we’ve announced at ITEC 2024 are key to ensuring people can live independently for longer.  The Health, Housing and Social Care sectors are starting to work more closely together recognising the changing landscape when it comes to assisted living.

“The King’s Fund, in a report published last month, makes it clear the health and care system in England must shift its focus away from hospital care to primary and community services if it is to be effective and sustainable. Care providers recognise that things can’t go on as they are and it’s up to solution-focused businesses like ours to respond.”

“Technology has always played an important role but its potential in ensuring that health and care providers can deliver the most appropriate interventions at the right time has yet to be fully realised – an ambition we have set out to achieve with our strategic partners.  

“It is our belief that assistive technology such as fall detection, location identification and constant connectivity heartbeats, can be used to empower independence, preventing accidents, and responding rapidly in an emergency. People are happier at home and through partnerships such as those we’ve announced today, we want to ensure they have that choice.”

Kate Fairhurst, Managing Director of Howz, said, “Howz and Everon will bring the next generation of proactive care technology to assisted living providers. With Everon’s devices and sensors, and Howz’s machine learning and change detection, our clients will receive the care insight needed to detect issues early and intervene before they escalate.

“Through work with NHS Trusts and local authorities, Howz have evidenced that delivery of proactive care within the home can reduce care home admissions by 42% and emergency admissions by 32%. Howz and Everon will ensure that users in assisted living have access to the technology they need to maintain longer, healthier lives at home.”

Rachel Bennett, Business Development Director UK, Develco Products, said: “We are delighted to work with Everon and Howz to offer digital care solutions in the UK. Together, we can enable vulnerable people to live at home safely, promote earlier hospital discharge, and prevent hospital admissions.”

Stephen Westley, Chief Technology Officer, IRIS-IoT, said: “This landmark partnership marks the beginning of a new era in smart home innovation. Leveraging our joint expertise, IRIS-IoT and Everon will introduce ground-breaking tech solutions to enhance living experiences, streamline operations, and promote sustainability using the latest mobile technologies available. 

“Iris-IoT is a well-respected pioneering company in the telecom sector and over the last 12 months, we have worked with Everon to build a solution to be fit for purpose for the housing sector.  Our collaboration with Everon shows a new dawn for how specialist partners can work together to build innovative forward-thinking solutions.”

Mohammed Chaudhary, Managing Director, Cair, said: “At Cair we believe that everyone’s lives can be improved through innovative solutions and better design. Everon recognised the value of Cair’s portfolio of peripherals, and we are pleased that their adoption will benefit a wider cohort of users.

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