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Archangel launches partnership with Care Messenger

by Kirsty Kirsty

Ambient Assisted Living platform (AAL) Archangel® has recently launched an international partnership with Care Messenger.

The link, announced at this year’s Care Show London (April 24-25, Excel London), will involve Care Messenger’s video and messaging services becoming fully integrated with the AAL platform to deliver a more comprehensive level of care that will benefit individuals living with chronic illness and supported living needs in their own homes.  

Care Messenger is a TV-based video call and messaging platform that overlays TV content without the need to change channels or inputs.

Archangel’s AAL platform integrates the latest digital technologies with existing analogue solution to provide a better way for connecting systems, assessing data, responding to incidents and evolving services for the health and care sector.

Archangel founder and CEO Tom Morton commented: “This CONNECT partnership will add the unique AV and messaging services of Care Messenger to the Archangel AAL platform to enable individuals to have full, live video interaction with families, carers, responders and ARC providers directly through the smart TV in their home.

“Services delivered remotely such as pill reminders, food, hydration prompts, carer assessments and exercise classes will now be available across the UK, Netherlands and Australia via Care Messenger and their distributor channels.

“The link with Care Messenger demonstrates how Archangel is continuing to build productive and complementary partnerships with resellers and care sector focused organisations,” added Tom.

Paul Slaughter, CEO of Care Messenger, said: “Our state-of-the-art video messenging services are a perfect fit for Archangel and we are delighted to be working together with the AAL platform to increase the scope and potential of care within the home.”

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