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Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma (CoECT) Announces Launch of a Groundbreaking Assessment for Kinship Carers

by Kirsty Kirsty

The Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma (CoECT) is delighted to announce the introduction of the Trauma-Informed Preparation and Assessment Kit (TIPPACK), a groundbreaking tool set to revolutionise the assessment and support of Kinship and Connected Carers across the United Kingdom.

After a successful pilot programme, the TIPPACK is designed to standardise and streamline how Kinship Carers are evaluated and supported, addressing the current lack of consistency among local authorities. This essential tool equips Kinship Carers with crucial information and resources necessary for effective caregiving, while enabling authorities to comprehensively assess the suitability and readiness of carers to meet the needs of children who have experienced trauma.

Sarah Naish, CEO of the Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma (CoECT), former foster parent, and author, highlighted the significance of the TIPPACK:

“We are proud to lead the way with the launch of the TIPPACK, marking a major advancement in our commitment to enhancing the wellbeing of children in kinship care. Historically, these carers have lacked the consistent support and resources they desperately need. Our tool not only furnishes carers with essential knowledge and guidance but also ensures that local authorities are adequately prepared to provide timely and effective support. It’s about securing a better future for the children who depend on these crucial family relationships.

“We remain dedicated to prioritising the welfare and best interests of children who have suffered trauma. With more children now placed in kinship care than in foster or adoptive homes, the launch of the TIPPACK is a pivotal development in supporting these vital family arrangements.”

The introduction of the TIPPACK addresses these issues by providing a clear, consistent, and thorough assessment framework that identifies any gaps and signposts towards helpful training to close those gaps.

As the TIPPACK is implemented, the CoECT looks forward to the positive outcomes that will undoubtedly result from the use of this new tool. This tool is anticipated to serve as a model for other regions and countries, leading to a more complete and effective support system for kinship carers and the children in their care.

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