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Care Home Group first in UK to pioneer sustainability program

by Kirsty Kirsty

Elmfield Care, a leading care home provider, is proud to announce the implementation of a groundbreaking new sustainability initiative – The Plastic Solution program – across all three of its facilities. Becoming the first care home group in the UK to do so.

This innovative program eliminates the use of single-use plastic containers for commercial cleaning products used in housekeeping, laundry, and kitchens. Previously, each Elmfield Care home generated an estimated 500-600 single-use plastic containers annually, which contributed to landfill waste or incineration. By switching to The Plastic Solution, we are achieving ZERO single use plastic waste across these areas.

The Plastic Solution program utilises a closed-loop system. Reusable containers with special air-sealed valve caps replace single-use options. Once emptied, these containers are collected and refilled at a dedicated filling plant, minimising plastic waste, and promoting a circular economy.

Elmfield Care, is the first care home group in the country to adopt this innovative system, setting a strong example for the industry. The staff across the three homes in Chippenham, Salisbury, and Lydney are excited to be a part of the program, recognising its positive environmental impact.

“The Plastic Solution program perfectly aligns with Elmfield Care’s commitment to sustainability,” says Sharon Kawonga spokesperson for Elmfield Care. “This program not only benefits the environment but also offers significant operational advantages.”

Chris Tapp Co- Founder from the Plastic Solution said “We are delighted to partner with Elmfield Care, being the first care home group to adopt our unique zero plastic waste programme. Their commitment to driving this unique initiative across their estate is an admirable example to the wider care sector.”

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