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Adopt A Grandparent and carehome.co.uk join forces to reduce loneliness for older people

by Kirsty Kirsty

To mark Loneliness Awareness Week, Adopt A Grandparent, an organisation dedicated to reducing loneliness through innovative intergenerational connections, is proud to announce a new alliance with carehome.co.uk, the UK’s leading care home reviews website. This initiative is set to significantly broaden the outreach and deepen the impact of the Adopt A Grandparent programme, which has already reached hundreds of older people.

In a time when loneliness is reaching epidemic levels – with over 49% of UK adults reporting feelings of loneliness occasionally, sometimes, often, or always – the need for meaningful interaction has never been more critical. The World Health Organisation has identified loneliness as a major health concern, estimating that the effects of social isolation can be as detrimental as smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day. Such isolation significantly increases the risk of early death by 25%, comparable to well-known risks such as obesity and excessive drinking.

By partnering with carehome.co.uk, which hosts an extensive network of over 16,000 care homes, Adopt A Grandparent aims to encourage more and more residents to sign up as grandparents to pair up with volunteers who may not have or see grandparents of their own. This initiative not only fosters essential social interaction but also helps to combat the profound isolation so prevalent amongst older people today.

Shaleeza Hasham, Founder and CEO of Adopt A Grandparent, said: “We are so pleased to be working with carehome.co.uk. This partnership represents a beacon of hope for countless older individuals who may feel forgotten by society. By integrating our efforts with carehome.co.uk, we are not just expanding a programme, but we are reigniting the spark of joy and connection. Our vision goes beyond alleviating loneliness – it’s about creating a tapestry of relationships that enriches every generation. We know we can achieve a lot with the team, and we look forward to working with them.”

Will Blackwell, CEO of carehome.co.uk, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with Adopt A Grandparent. This partnership aligns with our mission at carehome.co.uk to help care seekers find the right home for themselves or their loved ones and assist care homes in promoting their services. Adopt A Grandparent is an ideal charity partner for us, embodying our shared values of enhancing community engagement and improving the quality of life for older individuals. This initiative not only highlights care homes’ commitment to dynamic and compassionate care but also positions them attractively to prospective residents who value vibrant, intergenerational communities.”

To learn more about the programme and sign up click here: https://www.adoptagrandparent.org.uk/.

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