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Quarter of carers declare disability

by Kirsty Kirsty

Embark Learning Care Academy helps carers, new or fully qualified, develop and achieve nationally recognised qualifications and has done so, with great success, for the last 10 years, throughout the West Midlands.

Since August 2023, Embark has trained 1,076 carers with 938 of those now employed in the care sector: out of the 1,076 learners, 25% of them had a disability.

Operations Director, Alex O’Neill, said: “We’d rather find out if our learners have a disability, purely to ensure that if we need to adapt our teaching style, we can and will. The disabilities our learners have doesn’t have to impact their learning at all, and we make sure that everyone is treated the same, and learn the same material so that all can become qualified carers, which is what they’re on our course to become.

“We train hundreds of people each year and one of the benefits of our courses is the confidence it gives people. We have people from all different backgrounds and walks of life and they come to us so that they can train in a different career, and that’s what we help them with.

“We have a lot of people who lack in self-confidence, whether that be because they’ve been out of work for years or they have a disability, but we give them the opportunity to learn and grow and we hope that they come out of our courses a happier and more confident person, which I’m pleased to say, most of them do.”

Embark offers more than 100 mandatory, recommended, clinical and train the trainer courses in the health and social care sector, all of which are carefully crafted and adapted throughout, to accommodate for the changes that occur in the sector.

Its pioneering course, Step Into Care, is one of the most popular courses Embark offers, and it’s a four week accredited, pre-employability programme, which is completely free of charge, will help new carers achieve a variety of courses and qualifications to make them fully compliant to work under CQC Regulations.

Once this training has been completed, learners understandably want to pursue a career, which is where Embark’s partner, Fairway Homecare, which specialises in placing carers into healthcare career opportunities, steps in. The newly qualified carers will have a guaranteed interview with Fairway who will then place them into work, whether that’s domiciliary care or working in one of the many care homes in the West Midlands.

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