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Right at Home pens template letter to MPs to encourage united front among social care providers

by Kirsty Kirsty

In its latest campaign to drive positive change across the sector, Right at Home is calling for providers to engage with their local MPs post-election and make them take note of their common challenges and the impact their vital work has on the communities they serve.

The company has created a template letter, available to download here, to encourage MPs to drive the necessary reforms the social care sector is crying out for.

The letter calls for “critical action” to transform the sector, including a revised approach to commissioning, which ensures the true cost of care is covered, with strong regulatory oversight; and sufficient resources to enable the provision of critical community-based health care solutions.

It also proposes key policy recommendations, including a multi-year funding settlement – £18.4bn by 2032/33 – for social care to meet future demand, improve access to care and cover full costs; and a comprehensive workforce strategy to tackle unacceptable pay and conditions.

Speaking at LaingBuisson’s Social Care Summit earlier this month, Right at Home CEO Lucy Campbell outlined the challenges facing care providers and how we can overcome them as a collective.

She said: “Together, we can break down the barriers that hinder access to affordable, quality care. As a collective we must be the champions of change. Let’s make the year 2024 a turning point, where we take the lead and leave our government with no option but to sit up and take action.

“We know what the challenges are, and we know what needs to be done – we just need to ensure we are heard, like never before.”

Right at Home Director of People and Brand, Heather Wehrle, told delegates at the summit that social care leaders have a “duty” to educate the public and politicians on the critical work provided by community care professionals everywhere.

She added: “The time is now to pull together and demonstrate the true impact of quality care on our clients, their families and the wider communities they serve – there is power in numbers.”

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