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This month Kirsty meets…

by Kirsty Kirsty

Welcome to Kirsty Meets!

Each month I meet key stakeholders and business leaders in the social care sector. This month I met Karin Schifter-Maor, CEO of Essence SmartCare. I caught up with Karin to discuss ageing safely, quality of life and the role of technology in supporting this.

So tell me a little about Essence SmartCare?

Essence SmartCare is pioneering ageing in place technologies, empowering seniors to live life to the fullest through preventative care and emergency response devices. With an extensive telecare product suite, users can age at home independently with total peace of mind.

Our uncompromised positioning enables us to offer a combination of advanced fall radars, voice-activated emergency devices, and constant monitoring solutions to connect emergency and ongoing health needs. At Essence, we’ve created an ever-evolving, always reliable, proactive platform, which provides 360˚ care – ensuring caregivers can offer the necessary support.

With a deep understanding of the evolving needs of the elderly, Essence provides UK seniors the tools needed to age in place with dignity. Trusted by a myriad of partners in 27 countries, Essence offers businesses with the resources to enhance customer’s peace of mind at home and on-the-go

With senior care in the UK facing staffing and resource shortages, what options do seniors have to ensure they can age safely and peacefully?

At Essence SmartCare, we believe technology offers an alternative for seniors to remain safe and comfortable at home without exacerbating the caregiver crisis. Through our partners, including a growing number of local councils, seniors have access to tailored in-home technologies.

Understanding the needs and fears of the elderly population, we invest time and energy into developing products that are easy and discreet to use – such as our ultra-compact devices, which look more like fashion accessories than your typical ‘wearable.’ Additionally, our voice interface for medical devices ensures accessibility, catering to the preference among elderly users for less screen interaction. These technologies provide a scalable, affordable option for seniors to age safely while connected.

“Technology offers an alternative for seniors to remain safe and comfortable at home without exacerbating the caregiver crisis.”

Can you give us more details about Essence SmartCare’s telecare devices and how they allow for safe aging in place?

Essence SmartCare’s telecare devices, including an aging-in-place ecosystem, an ultracompact emergency response device, a remote patient monitoring solution, and advanced fall detectors, are designed to provide seniors with holistic, proactive care.

Essence offers an easy-to-use emergency response solution that seniors can feel confident wearing. Its sleek design encourages consistent use, and its advanced features ensure immediate assistance at the touch of a button, promoting confidence and independence in daily activities.

Essence’s advanced fall detection technology eliminates the need for wearable devices, while ensuring seniors feel protected in their homes, including low-light conditions. Using an advanced algorithm to accurately detect falls, the product significantly reduces the number of false alarms, minimizing interruptions and maintaining a sense of safety without disrupting daily routines.

Essence’s remote patient monitoring solution simplifies the vitals monitoring process with touchless interaction and automatic data collection, empowering seniors to stay connected to their healthcare providers and receive timely support when needed.

Finally, Essence offers an end-to-end ecosystem for aging in place, combining sophisticated fall detection, activity monitoring, and emergency alert technologies. Its sensor-based activity monitoring tracks daily routines and employs a rules-based approach to promptly notify caregivers of any deviations, ensuring personalized care for seniors.

Where can we find out a little more about Essence SmartCare?

You can find more information about Essence SmartCare on our website: www.essencesmartcare.com

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