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Deputy launches tool to track frontline employee wellbeing

by Kirsty Kirsty

Deputy, the global people platform for hourly work, has announced the launch of Shift Pulse+, a major upgrade to its existing Shift Pulse feature. This enhancement will be part of the comprehensive Deputy HR product suite, empowering businesses to Hire, Onboard, Document Manage, and Engage with their hourly workers more effectively.

Shift Pulse+ is the new premium version of the standard Shift Pulse feature integrated into Deputy’s HR suite, offering a more robust and configurable user experience. This upgrade provides enhanced engagement capabilities and deeper insights into employee sentiment and well-being.

Key Features of Shift Pulse+:

Enhanced Configurability:

  • Users can now customise Shift Pulse questions, moving beyond the default “How did you feel during your shift today?” to tailor questions specific to their business needs.
  • Flexibility in frequency settings allows Shift Pulse checks to be triggered daily, fortnightly, monthly, or at the end of every shift.
  • Customisable pulse ratings enable users to select their preferred emojis and labels for a more personalised reporting experience.
  • Role-specific and location-specific configurations ensure that Shift Pulse checks are targeted to the right employees and locations.

Advanced Reporting:

  • Detailed reporting capabilities remain largely unchanged for HR subscribers, allowing access to historical data, comprehensive comments, and sentiment analysis over extended periods.

New Home for Shift Pulse+:

  • Shift Pulse+ will now reside under the “Team Engagement” section in the culture group of the new site navigation on the People tab, providing a quick overview of team sentiment and engagement metrics.

Mobile Enhancements:

  • The mobile report will now include average Shift Pulse scores for the last seven or 30 days, reaction counts, and a breakdown of reactions in percentages.
  • Deputy HR subscribers will have access to a 30-day data view, while free users will be limited to seven days. When upgraded for full access, additional information will be unlocked.

By regularly monitoring employee sentiment, businesses can identify trends, address concerns promptly, and promote a positive work environment. The enhanced configurability ensures that the tool is adaptable to each business’s unique needs, making it a valuable addition to Deputy’s HR product suite.

“At Deputy, we are dedicated to continuously improving our platform to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” said Deep Banerji, Chief Product Officer at Deputy. “With Shift Pulse+, we provide workers with a simple, one-step way to share how they’re feeling after every shift so that managers can create a thriving workplace based on their team’s needs. This comes at a time when many industries are facing major staffing and retention challenges. Fostering happier, mentally healthier staff helps businesses to reduce their turnover rate, retain great staff, and run at their optimum.”

Shift Pulse+ will be available to all Deputy customers, with advanced features accessible to those subscribed to Deputy HR. Existing customers will experience a seamless transition, with the new features enhancing their current capabilities.

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