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The impact of Adult Social Care Nurses

by Lisa Carr
Scarlett MacDonald (l) and
Zoe Fry (r)

Zoë Fry and Scarlett MacDonald

The impact of Adult Social Care Nurses extends far beyond the individuals they care for. They provide peace of mind to families, knowing their loved ones are in capable and caring hands. And among many other things, they contribute to the overall wellbeing of communities by promoting health and preventing illness through education and proactive care.

The dedication of these nurses is evident in their continuous pursuit of professional development. They are lifelong learners, always seeking to improve their knowledge and skills to provide the best possible care. Their commitment to excellence is inspiring, as they adapt to new challenges and embrace innovations in healthcare.

Moreover, Adult Social Care Nurses are advocates for systemic change. They work to influence policies and practices that improve the quality of care for all. Their voices are crucial in shaping a healthcare system that values and respects the needs of the elderly and those who use social care services.

During Care Home Open Week, Zoe Fry and Scarlett MacDonald, chair and co-chair of the South East Social Care Nursing Advisory Council (SESCNAC), facilitated a wonderful visit to Broadbridge Park Care Home in Sussex. This special event was a celebration of the 30th anniversary of Caring Homes and the introduction of the newly formed SESCNAC. It featured various co-production activities, including the VIVALDI Social Care project and the prestigious presentation of two Gold Chief Nurse Awards.

The event was graced by several distinguished guests, including Deborah Sturdy, Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care; Amanda Partington-Todd, Deputy Director of Adult Social Care; representatives from the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC); the VIVALDI Social Care team led by Kate Meacock; Rights for Residents; and other council members. Their presence underscored the significance of the occasion and the collective commitment to advancing the Adult Social Care sector.

Deborah said of the SCNACs: “It is good to see progress of the SE Social Care Nursing Council and how building local relationships and regional networks is having a positive impact on  the voice and profile of social care nursing. To attend an event which exudes such positivity, demonstrates those partnerships  through the UCL Vivaldi Study expansion and Caring Homes commitment to that along with leadership of The Outstanding Society is heartening”

Hosted by Scarlett MacDonald and Zoe Fry, the day included heartfelt speeches from the founders of Caring Homes and an insightful presentation on the VIVALDI Social Care project. A standout moment was when Deborah Sturdy presented the Gold Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care Awards to Julie Mason, Director of Operations and also to Scarlett, New Commissioning Manager Caring Homes Group recognising their outstanding contributions to the field.

Amanda Partington-Todd said: “It was my pleasure to be invited to come to Care Home Open Week celebrations at Broadbridge Park and many thanks to their staff, residents and leadership team for making me feel welcome. It was a celebratory atmosphere, not only of the amazing contribution and care that their staff have delivered over their 30 year history, but also of all that they are looking forward to in the future, such as participation in the Vivaldi Social Care research project.” 

Following this event, Zoe Fry and Scarlett MacDonald held their first Council meeting for the South East. They thanked all members for their enthusiasm and support, highlighting a shared dedication to the integration of Health and Social care in the region. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey, promising innovation and enhanced care for the sector.

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Zoë Fry OBE BSc RN is Chair of South East Regional, Social Care Nursing Advisory Council and Executive Director, The Outstanding Society CIC

Scarlett MacDonald RN is Co-Chair of South East Regional, Social Care Nursing Advisory Council and New Commissioning Manager, Caring Homes  

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