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Cygnet Staff Survey shows people are ‘proud’ to work for the company

by Kirsty Kirsty
  • 88% of Cygnet staff say they enjoy working for the company, which is a leading provider of services for those with mental health needs, learning disabilities and autism
  • 90% of employees say that care of service users is Cygnet’s top priority and 92% of say Cygnet acts on concerns raised by service users
  • 84% of staff feel ‘proud’ to work for the company
  • The culture at Cygnet is ‘caring’, say 85% of staff
  • 80% would recommend the company as a ‘great’ place to work
  • Colleagues were pleased with career opportunities, with 90% saying their access to training enabled them to deliver better care and 83% saying people ‘valued learning’

Cygnet’s annual staff survey has revealed that 88% of staff enjoy working for the company with colleagues highlighting team spirit, career opportunities and a positive work culture as reasons for their high level of job satisfaction.

More than 8,100 colleagues took part in the survey, nearly 77% of its workforce. The survey also revealed that 84% of staff are proud to work for the company, a 6% increase on the 2023 score, and 80% would recommend Cygnet as a great place to work.

It also demonstrated high levels of satisfaction among workers, with 80% saying they feel a sense of team spirit, 84% feeling they are given the opportunity to contribute their ideas, 90% saying they are treated with respect and 87% saying they feel valued by their line manager.

The survey also revealed a strong sense of teamwork within the company with 82% saying there is a feeling of respect for one another, 83% responding they felt a sense of belonging and 83% also saying they could rely on their co-workers for support when things are difficult.

In a reflection of the organisation’s ongoing commitment to ensuring all colleagues have access to the training and qualifications they need to upskill and progress their careers, 89% said they receive the training to do their job well and 90% said the training they do receive helps them to deliver a better experience for service users. Additionally, 86% felt they have equal access to career progression opportunities and 80% knew how to access development opportunities, including apprenticeships.

Nearly all staff – 97% – said if they had a concern about malpractice, fraud or wrong doing, they would know how to report it with 94% saying they are actively encouraged to do so.

Jenny Gibson, Cygnet HR Director, said the results from the survey are overwhelmingly positive.

She added: “The results from our annual staff survey paint an accurate picture of the positive and open culture we foster here at Cygnet.  This has also been demonstrated in the last couple of years with an impressive improvement in staff retention along with a reduction in staff vacancies and the reliance on agency workers.

“One of the most pleasing aspects was the positive feedback on our learning and development opportunities, with staff feeling they have more access to CPD as well as training.

“Our people clearly feel they are being treated well and with respect, and responded that managers are interested in their wellbeing. This outcome closely aligns with our core values of care, respect, empower, trust and integrity. 

“Knowing how to raise concerns is a fundamental requirement for any organisation, particularly in health and social care when you are working with vulnerable individuals. We continue to score high in this area and more importantly, people also say that concerns are acted upon.”

Cygnet is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion and has more than 110 nationalities within its workforce.  Its staff networks – Diversity and Inclusion group, the Multicultural Network, Disability Network, LGBT+ Network and Women’s Network – help ensure that everyone who works at Cygnet is treated with respect and has access to equal opportunities.

In the survey, 93% of staff said they were aware of at least one staff network and three-quarters of staff believe that Cygnet recognises the challenges and inequalities faced by individuals due to their ethnic background, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or age.

Dr Tony Romero, CEO of Cygnet, added: “It is so important for any organisation that staff are given an avenue in which to provide open and honest feedback. I am encouraged by the results from our survey.

“The care of our service users and ensuring they receive the very best support is our top priority. In order to do that, we need to look after our staff, who are our most priceless asset.

“It is the commitment, dedication and compassion of our staff which plays the greatest role in ensuring we change lives for the better. Staff who feel happy, valued and trusted are all factors that help us provide the highest quality care to our service users.

“This survey demonstrates we are getting it right for our staff which in turn, means we are able to better ensure those entrusted to our care get the treatment they deserve.

“The results are a real testament to the culture we have embedded here at Cygnet where staff feel like they belong.

“Whilst there is much to be proud of in our results this year, we will not be complacent. There is always more we can do to improve and make Cygnet a place where everyone enjoys coming to work and feels empowered to deliver the best care to our service users. We will continue to make improvements based on our staff feedback and experience.”

Cygnet was established in 1988. Since then it has developed a wide range of health and social care services for young people and adults with mental health needs, acquired brain injuries, eating disorders, autism and learning disabilities within the UK.

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