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Young adult embarks on independent living journey after successful stay at Wolverhampton supported accommodation

by Kirsty Kirsty

Novum House in Wolverhampton, part of Salutem Care and Education, is celebrating a significant milestone for one of its residents.

Braydon Wells, 17, is set to move into his own flat after a year of remarkable progress in supported accommodation. This achievement marks a significant step towards independent living for Braydon, who has worked diligently to overcome personal challenges and build a brighter future for himself.

Braydon has been part of Salutem’s support system for several years, having previously resided in one of the organisation’s children’s homes. His transition to Novum House a little over a year ago was a crucial step in his journey toward independence. Novum House, which caters for young adults aged 16 and above, focuses on equipping its residents with essential life skills through the active support approach, fostering individual growth and development.

Alice Lane, Supported Accommodation Manager at Novum House, has witnessed Braydon’s transformation first-hand: “Braydon really struggled with emotions and understanding the consequences of his actions when he first arrived. Now, he reflects more on how his actions will affect things and others,” she said. “He’s developed daily living skills too, including cleaning, shopping, and cooking. He takes ownership of things and his actions. He’s reliable and responsible.”

Braydon’s journey has not been easy, but his determination and resilience have been commendable. He has successfully completed his NVQ Level 1 in Bricklaying and is set to begin studying for his NVQ Level 1 in Roofing in September. His educational pursuits, combined with his newfound maturity, have positioned him well for independent living.

“Over the last 6-9 months, there has been a massive improvement in his maturity levels,” Alice Lane continued. “He thinks about his actions now and asks for advice when he has a problem. He has a good friendship base also. I am delighted that he has come on so much and is now ready to live independently.”

Braydon himself is thrilled about the new chapter in his life. “I’ve learned a lot at Novum House. It wasn’t always easy, but the support from everyone here has been amazing. I feel ready to take on this new challenge and am excited about my future,” he said.

Salutem’s Novum House aims to enable young adults to transition to independent living in shared housing by providing them with the skills and support they need to succeed. Each resident has a named key support worker who helps guide them through their journey towards independence.

Braydon’s story is a testament to the positive impact of Salutem’s approach. His progress and readiness to live independently highlight the importance of providing young people with the right tools and support to build their futures.

As Braydon prepares to move into his own flat, he leaves Novum House with the confidence and skills necessary to thrive independently. His journey is an inspiration to others facing similar challenges, demonstrating that with the right support, anything is possible.

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