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amBX and Circadacare partner to deliver excellence in care environments

by Lisa Carr

Two revolutionary companies, amBX and Circadacare have formed a strategic partnership to deliver excellence within the care environment.

Circadacare is a new science-led start-up. They support older adults in care environments and people living with dementia through a fine-tuned full spectrum circadian system. They improve the wellbeing of older adults, ensuring healthy, natural human circadian rhythms for improved sleep and mood whilst supporting a reduction in falls.

Explaining further, Herman van Driel, CEO of Circadacare, said: “Our focus is on translating the science into solutions which improve the quality of life of older adults and benefit care environments for both residents and staff”.

As exclusive partners within the care sector, amBX enable Circadacare to add additional value to their solutions and help them overcome data visualisation and technical challenges through bespoke integration with amBX’s software platform, SmartCore.

For Circadacare, amBX is providing bespoke dashboard solutions and facilitating integration with other key building technology such as Nursecall systems. The user-friendly interfaces are designed to be used by Care Home Managers and staff. A significant benefit is that they require no technical training to be able to operate the system.

amBX software powers the Circadacare solution. Their carefully designed circadian lighting algorithms have been developed over many years to offer precise, granular control. They closely emulate natural light and support residents through the healthy benefits of circadian light.

Furthermore, Circadacare has conducted research in conjunction with Newcastle University to establish the impact of light on older people and people living with dementia. The report highlights many benefits that can be achieved, and this academic foundation provides credibility and support for the innovative start-up.

The Newcastle University Arrow Report for Circadacare (2021) found that: “It is well established that with advancing age the circadian timing system is progressively disturbed, and changes in the SCN (Suprachiasmatic Nucleus in the brain) have been described for hormonal rhythms, body core temperature, sleep-wakefulness and several other behavioural cycles.”

Circadacare has already completed a number of projects that have proven just how powerful and beneficial their solution really is. One recent example is Ashmere Care Homes. The two companies partnered to create an innovative solution that will improve the lives of older adults. This shows what is possible when two forward-thinking companies collaborate to achieve a big goal that will benefit millions.

Reinforcing this success, David Poxton from Ashmere Care Homes said:

“We’re seeing a greater level of engagement from the residents during the day because the full spectrum lighting is helping their body clock become alert and ready for the day”.

To find out more about the Circadacare solution, contact them via email – hello@circadacare.com; or to discuss partnering with amBX to overcome technical and integration issues, email – info@ambx.com.

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