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Alzheimer’s Society presents new their Dementia Connect service at Braywood Gardens care home

by Lisa Carr

Dementia Connect, a dementia support service founded by the Alzheimer’s Society, aims to put people who are living with, or know someone living with dementia, in touch with free, accessible support.

The team at Braywood Gardens Care Home were eager to showcase this brilliant new service to their local community, including residents, their family and friends. So, they invited Tom Carter, a representative of the Alzheimer’s Society to their home to present the new scheme. 

Families of residents, the team and the local community, including businesses and charities, were all invited to learn about the scheme and how people living with dementia can access support. It was an informal presentation in a relaxing, comfortable space with coffee and cake available. Everyone who attended was able to share their experiences of dementia in their lives. It really was a place of support and encouragement. 

Customer Relations Manager at Braywood Gardens, Lydia Morris, organised the event and both she and Tom Carter are part of the Dementia Action Alliance in Nottingham, and both have the same aim to make Nottingham as dementia friendly as possible. The presentation from Tom at Braywood Gardens was a great example of this, providing the informative workshop for the local community, so people can be informed as to the support and resources available to them.

Lydia Morris said:

“The presentation was fantastic to inform us all about the wonderful support available from the Alzheimer’s Society. It is great for us at Braywood Gardens to connect with organisations like Alzheimer’s Society to ensure the residents, families and local community have access to a wider network of people to chat to, to share experiences with and feel secure knowing there are services and places around them to help and support them.”

The team at Braywood Gardens have made it their goal to make Carlton and the surrounding areas as dementia friendly as possible. Braywood Gardens is quickly becoming a supportive and welcoming hub for their community, and the team welcome any and all members of the community to reach out if they have any questions regarding care and dementia.

There are plenty more events coming up at Braywood Gardens to further share their support, resources and guidance. The home’s ‘Carers cake and coffee’ event in June is in partnership with Nottinghamshire Carers Hub and will provide support to and will provide support to those who are caring for their loved ones at home.

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