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Athena Care Homes takes another step towards zero waste

by Kirsty Kirsty

Athena Care Homes is taking another step forward in their mission to reduce their environmental impact. The East Anglian care home company has committed to using eco-friendly, non-hazardous cleaner OdorBac across all of their homes.

Manufacturers 2Pure, who produce the multi-use cleaner in the UK using renewable energy sources, operate a refill scheme. They use LoopBox to reuse the five-litre containers – with customers simply repacking the empty containers in the boxes they were delivered in and returning them to be washed and refilled, meaning it is a zero-waste, closed-loop system.

Athena made the decision to switch from multiple other products to the multi-use OdorBac after seeing how progressive 2Pure is in its approach to protecting the environment. The fluid is delivered as a concentrate and diluted on site to reduce transport costs and emissions, and it is 100% biodegradable. 

The solution can be used as a cleaner, degreaser, sanitiser, fabric cleaner, carpet shampoo and odour eliminator, making cleaning processes more time efficient for housekeeping teams while still giving them the reassurance that they are cleaning effectively. OdorBac provides 99.99% protection against coronaviruses and inhibits the growth of germs.

Athena Care Homes is committed to protecting our environment and leaving a lasting legacy for their residents; planting five trees for each resident that moves in to one of their care homes.

Katherine Foley, Group Operations Director at Athena Care Homes, said: “We are constantly reviewing our operations and looking at more eco-friendly options that allow us to continue providing a high level of service while also protecting our environment.

“For us, OdorBac was an obvious choice. It provides the effective cleaning in a variety of scenarios, while also reducing waste and offering efficiencies around our homes.”

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