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m4d Radio hits 30,000 listeners in first month

by Lisa Carr

New internet radio station, m4d Radio (www.m4dradio.com), is celebrating its first set of audience listening figures since its launch a month ago.

The numbers show over 30,000 people have listened to the 24-hour, non-commercial station, streaming 383,000 tracks and listening to nearly 1 million minutes of music, made up of a mix of songs from the 30s through to the 70s, from a song catalogue of thousands of tracks.

The music has been accessed by more than 15,000 devices since its launch from within homes and care settings, meaning the online station has already been enjoyed by an estimated 1 in 20 people living with dementia across the UK*[1].

The new initiative from Music for Dementia has already been supported by an impressive array of celebrities including Lauren Laverne, actress Vicky McClure, director Armando Lannucci OBE and former Strictly judge Arlene Phillips.

m4d Radio aims to provide ‘a lifeline’ for those living with dementia by helping them connect through music and help soothe some of the often distressing symptoms of the disease, including anxiety and agitation.

Music for Dementia Programme Director, Grace Meadows, said: “Although we knew there was a strong appetite for this vital resource, we’re thrilled with our audience numbers, less than a month into being on air.

“We know that music is such a wonderful connector and has the ability to bring people together in the here and now. m4d Radio aims to reduce the feeling of isolation for those living with dementia and their carers, by creating a sense of community around music – a shared experience that all can take part in.”

Colin Lyne, 62, who lives with vascular dementia and is a member of Stockport EDUCATE [2], said: “As I listened to m4d Radio it took me back to when I was at school in the late sixties and early seventies which I thought was great. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling and I could even picture walking through a school corridor to join a classroom full of mates.

“I used to play the trombone in a local wind band and I listen to music all the time but m4d Radio plays tunes I haven’t heard for years, not necessarily just the number one hits of an era.”

Sally Leadley, Activities Coordinator, Troc care home in Newark, said: “The residents loved the 60s themed day we hosted to celebrate the launch of m4d Radio. It was great to see the residents get into character and enjoy the 60s music throughout the afternoon.

“It’s obvious from the smiles on the faces of the residents that music has a valuable role to play in dementia care and as a carer it helps us in our role too. Seeing the residents up dancing and having a great time was simply magic!”

The station content is being continually developed to provide the best combination of music for its listeners. Music for Dementia is keen to hear from anyone interested in helping to shape this further. Please email info@m4dradio.com to provide feedback or request to join a regular focus group.

[1]* 15,000 unique devices have listened to m4d Radio – approximately half home based (1 person living with dementia) and half care home based (5 listeners living with dementia) – 7,500 + 37,500 = 45,000. In the whole of the UK, the number of people with dementia is estimated at 850,000 (https://www.england.nhs.uk/mental-health/dementia/).

[2] *A group that raises awareness about living well with dementia. http://www.educatestockport.org.uk/

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