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Government risk ‘super-spreader’ inspection teams through care homes by denying testing

by Joe Caretalk

By denying inspectors weekly COVID tests, they risk the virus spreading like wildfire throughout care homes this winter – GMB 

GMB, the union for social care, has warned the Government unless there is regular testing of care home inspectors, they run the risk of inadvertently becoming ‘super-spreaders’. 

Ministers have reportedly denied care home inspectors access to weekly testing for coronavirus – despite fears they could contribute to the spread of Covid-19 as cases rise across the country.

Over the next six weeks inspectors are expected to view over 500 care homes, which GMB believes could see the teams inadvertently spreading the deadly virus like wildfire through homes with elderly and vulnerable people particularly susceptible to COVID 19. 

Kelly Andrews, GMB Social Care Lead, said: 

“This position just highlights how little the Government understands the Social care sector.  

“Inspectors don’t just walk around the home, clip board in hand ticking boxes; they sit and speak to the residents and staff to fully understand what the real issues within the home are – as they should. 

“Without regular testing that will put them at risk of contracting and spreading the virus”. 

“We can’t comprehend why the Government would deny inspectors access to testing in such a vulnerable industry.” 

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