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Care England respond to 10 Year Plan for Adult Social Care

by Joe Caretalk

Care England, the largest representative body for independent providers of adult social care, has welcomed the Health and Social Care Select Committee’s report on social care funding and workforce. 

Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, says:  

“We concur with the Health and Social Care Committee’s assertion that action needs to be taken now, we simply cannot afford to wait. The sector needs support and one tangible way to provide this is via a ten year plan for adult social care. This plan must be carefully aligned with the NHS and I hope that the Committee will monitor progress as it must not sit on a shelf and gather dust or we will be face with a vastly depleted social care sector with huge repercussions for the nation.”

Martin Green gave oral evidence to the Committee’s inquiry and supports the Committee’s conclusion that £7 billion is needed as an immediate headline figure for social care, but that more would be needed to address the growing problem of unmet need and improve access to care. Another recommendation is action to improve the pay and recognition given to social care workers, establishing a clear career path that is more effectively aligned with the NHS. 

Professor Green continues: 

The report addresses the short, medium and long term requirements.  It is heartening that after so long in the wilderness the sector is being listened to and we hope that this report will be the turning point that we so desperately need”.

Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Chair of the Health and Social Care Select Committee, will be speaking at Tomorrow’s World on 12 November. You can register for free at Care England Conference 2020,  or for more information please email: conference@CareEngland.org.uk

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