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Whole system reform needed to make social care sustainable

by Lisa Carr
Michael Voges, Executive Director of ARCO

Responding to today’s report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Michael Voges, Executive Director of ARCO said:

“We strongly support the Government’s intention to help older people to avoid catastrophic care costs, it is clear though that the social care funding reforms are not enough in themselves and that wholesale changes to how we deliver care are needed. We are looking forward to working with the Government to achieve this.

“With a rapidly ageing population, rising care costs, shortages of care workers and care homes struggling with impossible demands we need to completely overhaul care delivery, including providing more preventative care, moderate care and reassurance that care is available through more housing-with-care such as Integrated Retirement Communities.”

“The policy alternatives will always lead to catastrophic and escalating care costs, both for older people themselves, and for the Government. Looked at this way – there really is no alternative.

“We are ready and able to expand our provision to hundreds of thousands more older people and will be working to inform the work of the Governments new Older People’s Housing Task Force to make this happen. We believe that the announcement of the Task Force demonstrates that the Government too recognises the need for this”

How are these communities integrated?

Apartment homes are available for purchase, part purchase or rent, alongside a range of choices: Integrated Lifestyle: Facilities like restaurants, bars, gyms, cinemas, community halls and gardens offer optional activities and social opportunities Integrated Well-being and Care: Personal and domestic care can be delivered within people’s homes if they wish.  Dedicated staff teams are on site 24/7 Integrated with Wider Communities: Connections with wider communities through family, friends, intergenerational, volunteering or leisure opportunities are valued and cherished Associated Retirement Communities Operators (ARCO) is the main body supporting Integrated Retirement Communities across the UK, setting standards for the sector, and representing the interests of consumers and providers at national level.

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