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MHA announces five per cent pay increase

by Lisa Carr

The country’s largest charitable care provider Methodist Homes (MHA) has announced a pay increase of five per cent for all its staff, meaning all employees will be paid above £10 an hour. 

For a number of years, MHA has paid its staff the Real Living Wage and this pay increase from 1 April 2022 means the charity will be paying above their rates which are £9.90 an hour and within London £11.05 

MHA runs care homes, retirement living communities and community-based schemes across England, Scotland and Wales, caring for and supporting more than 18,000 older people and employing around 6,500 people. 

MHA’s Chief Executive Sam Monaghan said: “The importance of caring for and supporting older people has never been greater. The value of all the work carried out by all our employees in their many varied and different roles within MHA, is so respected.  

“We believe that all colleagues who worked so tirelessly throughout the pandemic and continue to deliver critical services to people in need deserve greater recognition and reward and MHA will continue to campaign for this  

“There needs to be a fundamental shift in pay, conditions and career opportunities for all who work in the care sector, recognising the skill and dedication of the workforce. This needs to be at the heart of the Government’s reform of adult social care and translated into a fair price for care from local authorities.

“This pay award remains true to our principles as a charity and rewards our people whilst balancing affordability of fee and service charge increases to older people and ensuring our charity is sustainable into the future.” 

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