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A new year in care

by Lisa Carr

Professor Martin Green OBE is an Expert Advisory Council member for P&G Professional and the Chief Executive of Care England.

As we embark upon a new year, we are given an important opportunity to take stock of the previous year’s struggles, and use these lessons to guide us through 2022, and into a more prosperous future. Listening to experts across the industry, they say we must remain strong against the continued pressures of the sector, as there certainly is light at the end of the tunnel.

There is no doubt that the last few months have been tough. The staff shortages brought about by Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic were pushed to new heights once many unvaccinated care staff left the industry. Many establishments have struggled to provide their quality services as usual.

Now, only a few weeks into the New Year, care providers are calling upon volunteers to give up their time to help sustain their services throughout the current tide of Covid-19. According to recent figures from The Guardian, absence rates among care staff remain high, reaching 16-22% in some areas of the country. Volunteer support could serve as an essential support to the sector during this time of need. As we look forward to this year, these challenges show no sign of quickly disappearing, with extra financial support already being called upon to help ease the pressures.

But our demands for help are starting to be answered. Recent injections of funds have been allocated to local authorities up and down the country. As Omicron continues to play havoc with the day-to-day running of care homes across the UK, these funds will play an important role in further supporting the sector, by protecting people from Covid-19 infection, including better ventilation, increased use of direct payments and paying for Covid-19 sickness and self-isolation pay for staff.

Alongside this extra helping hand, care homes must ensure that the daily running of their services are as simple and streamlined as possible. Whether it be administration, catering, or cleaning and hygiene, care staff would do well to adopt quick, easy and effective practices to help counter the shortfall of staff members.

This of particular pertinence when it comes to cleaning products and practices. Of course, it is essential that care homes have the highest levels of cleaning and hygiene, especially within the current context of the Omicron variant.

But thanks to the impeccable performance of P&G Professional products, care home staff can expect spotless results upon first use, saving precious time in their cleaning regimes and simplifying their busy workload.

What’s more, with staff able to reassure residents and families that their care homes are not just clean, but hygienically clean, P&G Professional’s range of familiar and trusted brands – such as Flash Professional, Fairy Professional, and Ariel Professional – also provides comfort and reassurance.

Looking forward to the trials and tribulations to come during the new year, care homes certainly shouldn’t fear the worst. With some extra external support, coupled with simple and easy to use solutions, the industry will come out of the other side of the pandemic. The lessons learned along the way will be of great use, and help the sector continue to provide essential services for generations to come.

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