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Where The Trade Buys helps care homes prepare for visitors

by mojohand

Online print portal has launched a range of products to help care homes prepare for the return of residents’ friends and families.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock recently announced the potential easing of lockdown at homes in the coming weeks, to allow visitors to finally see their loved ones.

But those visits are dependent on care homes creating a safe environment which will ensure the protection of those who live and work in the homes.

To help facilitate those visits, Where The Trade Buys has created a range of products which will help care homes welcome back family and friends – but in a safe way.

The company, which has created bespoke products for all sectors during the COVID-19 outbreak, has now produced essential items which will give instructions to visitors and also help care homes create a dedicated area for visitors to be reunited with their family members.

“The care home industry has been one of the worst affected by COVID-19,” said Gary Peeling, CEO of Where The Trade Buys.

“It has suffered terribly which is why it is so important, now there’s potentially going to be a relaxation of the rules, that homes are fully prepared for the return of visitors.

“It is of vital importance that families can reunite, but it has to be in a safe and protected environment.”

The company has put together a number of solutions including sanitisation stations, branded directional signs and even external “welcome back” signage, along with banners which can be used to screen off an area for people to meet.

“The Health Secretary has made it very clear that visitors can return to care homes only if the right measures are in place to keep everyone safe and we have used our expertise to create these solutions for the industry.”

For further information or to see the product range visit www.wherethetradebuys.co.uk

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