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HRM Homecare Services teams up with flexible pay app Hastee

by Lisa Carr

Care at home provider HRM Homecare Services has embraced the concept of flexible pay for its staff by launching a partnership with an earnings on demand app.

The firm is one of the first Scottish-based care companies to have teamed up with Hastee, a platform which allows workers to receive a portion of their earned pay as and when they require it.

HRM Homecare Services managing director Lynn Laughland said HRM Homecare decided to set up the partnership after surveying its staff about what other benefits HRM could offer that would to help improve workforce working conditions. Flexible pay came back as top of the list.

She said: “Flexible pay is now a worldwide movement across many sectors. It helps improve people’s financial wellbeing and security, and this app helps achieve that goal.

“At HRM Homecare we pride ourselves on paying our staff well. Caring is a skilled profession, and our care team are among the best in the social care sector. We want to show them that they are valued, by bringing in additional benefits to working with HRM and flexible arrangements that can help meet their needs. Flexible pay is one of those.

“This type of support means workers can draw down the money they earn without paying exorbitant interest. Flexible pay is growing in popularity worldwide, as the way to ensure people can take back control of their borrowing, gain financial security and financial freedom.”

Hastee says flexible pay can help reduce staff turnover by more than half, as those who are offered flexible payment options are more likely to stay with their current employer.

HRM Homecare worker Kim Boylesaid she had been among those keen to see flexible pay introduced and said it would help her out significantly if a big cost came in one month.

She said: “It’s part of life to have a sudden need to replace something that breaks down – for instance, if my car is in for its service and I end up with a huge bill. This app will allow me to pay this off quickly and still be able to budget for the future.

“I was among those who answered the survey and wanted to see HRM Homecare bring this in, and am very pleased they have done.”

Flexible pay is one of a range of measures HRM Homecare has brought in. It is also encouraging its workers to join the NHS Credit Union, allowing them access to a savings bank with a range of added benefits.

Lynn added: “Some of our care staff, like lots of people in our society, haven’t really been regular savers. This will enable people to save at an affordable pace, and we have already had a steady uptake of these facilities, as have organisations like the NHS.

“We want our workers to realise, especially after the recent pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic, that we really value them. We hope that by listening to their needs, and introducing these measures, they can see how much we appreciate the work they do for us.”

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