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Turn your Care Home into a Safe Zone with virus-killing, air purification system

by Lisa Carr

News of bed vacancies doubling in care homes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic reported in Wednesday evening’s Channel 5 special ‘Covid Care Home Crisis’ feature*, has prompted one company to step forward with a simple solution that could help make care homes virus-free.

Clenzair is a technology-advanced air purification system that can neutralise 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, gases, odours, mould and Volatile Organic Compounds, both in the air and on surfaces, creating a continuously, safe environment 24/7. It is also 99.99% effective against Clostridiodes difficile (C.diff), which often affects older adult residents in long-term care facilities.

Whilst it is still too early to know how it works specifically against COVID-19, the technology is proven to work against similar viruses that are part of the RNA Sarbecoviruses subfamily, to which Coronavirus belongs.

Luke Harris, CEO of Clenzair said: “The recent Channel 5 report on the Covid Care Home Crisis made for depressing viewing. We need to protect those businesses that exist to support vulnerable and elderly people and ensure that they can continue to thrive.

“We are confident that this technology is a game-changer for all businesses that have been impacted by the current pandemic, especially care homes. We have evidence from the sector that after installing the system, sickness amongst both staff and residents reduced significantly, resulting in over £60,000 in increased revenue and cost savings of over £12,000 on chemical mists, replacement carpets, mattresses and other refurbishment costs.

“The system is simple to install, maintenance free and incredibly low-cost to run. Although we are not yet in a position to make any medical claims, we are confident that Clenzair will also work against the novel coronavirus. It’s the perfect solution for the beleaguered care industry.”

The system uses a patented advanced type of oxidation technology consisting of a destratification fan with a Photohydroionisation Cell (PHI) to remove airborne pollutants 24 hours a day, providing continuous air purification for both the air and surfaces, as well as neutralising those that have settled on surfaces.

Research has found this type of air purification system to be effective in neutralising the smallest particles of bacteria and other contaminants, which could include everything from the common cold to MRSA, Norwalk Virus, Streptococcus, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Candida Albicans, and SARS[1].

The active in-venue PHI fans rely on a complex chain of chemical reactions that ultimately lead to the production of ‘cleansing’ ions. Unlike fogging, no harmful chemicals are used as the process produces hydroperoxides – otherwise known as Mother Nature’s enviro-friendly cleaning agent, as they make the air smell fresh and clean after a thunderstorm.

The small, discreet units are simple to install, with no ducting required and no ongoing maintenance needed. Running costs amount to less than £25 per annum per unit, making Clenzair ideal for any type of business. As well as care homes, doctor’s and dentist’s surgeries, hospitals, schools, shops, hairdressers, pubs, restaurants, gyms, leisure centres and cinemas could all benefit from the revolutionary technology.

Trials are currently running in Stonegate Pub Company’s Be At One site in Birmingham and a major supermarket chain will also shortly be introducing the Clenzair system in some of its stores.

[1] Research information can be found here https://www.clenzair.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Clenzair-PureAir-Supporting-Test-Data.pdf

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