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The lives of millions of people now hang on nine tiny words…

by Joe Caretalk

Vic Rayner, CEO of the National Care Forum – the leading association for not for profit care providers responds to the government’s priorities delivered in the Queen’s Speech:

“‘Proposals on social care reform will be brought forward’, those were the nine tiny words that were uttered today in relation to a reform priority that will impact millions of people.  It’s been 2 years since this government made a commitment to reform social care and today’s announcement delivered a full 5 seconds of focus on social care.

“This is such a missed opportunity to make a number of core things really clear. The first is that the government recognises just how central social care is to rebuilding communities, enabling all of its citizens to live the fulfilling lives that they want and to the ability of the NHS to function. The second is that the social care we have now is not working for all who need it and that we owe those citizens a duty to make it better now and to commit to investing and developing social care fit for the future. Finally, that this is the moment to be bold and ambitious and confident that if we make the right choices now we can make a transformational change to the lives of millions.

“NCF have produced a detailed paper calling for ambitious plans for social care reform backed by evidence and the experience of providers from across the sector. It outlines exactly the bold commitment and investment from the government that the Queen’s Speech is lacking. We need to move forward from the place of (nine tiny) words to action – specific action that will propel the sector from the position of recovery to sustainability and growth. This government can be the one that delivers for social care – but if it is to fulfil its multiple commitments to do so then now is the time for them to articulate in full the detail of that long-term ambition.”

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