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Shaping Homecare Together

by mojohand

UKHCA introduces a new brand identity and a simpler name – the Homecare Association

Jane Townson, CEO of the Homecare Association

Launching the Association’s new name and brand identity, today, 15 September 2021, Jane Townson, CEO of the Homecare Association said:

“We are delighted to introduce our new brand identity and name today, as the Homecare Association, the membership body representing organisations across the UK who care for people in their own homes.

Explaining why the Association has chosen to renew its brand now, Jane Townson continued:

“As we emerge from the pandemic, during which care at home proved its value and importance to all of us every day, homecare is experiencing a moment in time where there is significant opportunity for transformation.

And that’s why, as a symbol of this transformation we are renewing our brand and identity, which will build on the experiences and insights we have gained over thirty years as UKHCA, whilst giving us a modern platform to create a clearer and stronger voice for homecare.

We believe everyone should be able to live in the place they call home, surrounded by those they love and connected to their communities.

Reaction to the government’s recent announcements for social care, have reinforced the vital role homecare plays in enabling us all to live well at home and flourish in our communities.

We won’t stop making sure the importance and value of care at home is recognised and receives the investment it deserves.

We’ll take the lead in shaping homecare – but we know that no one organisation can do this alone. That’s why at the heart of our new brand is the idea of Shaping homecare together.

It will be vital that we all work together – Homecare Association members, our sector partners stakeholders and governments – on our mission to ensure that homecare is valued, so that we can all live well and flourish in our communities.

Because advancing the case for homecare benefits everyone, our call, as we launch our new brand, is:  

Let’s create power in numbers.
Let’s stand together, to make what matters stand out.
Let’s shape homecare together.”
For more information on the Homecare Association, you can view a short video here and visit the new Homecare Association website from tomorrow morning.

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