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Avery Ups The Anti

by Lisa Carr

In a continual quest to ensure that its homes stay free of the coronavirus, and to enable families and friends to visit the residents, Avery Healthcare, that operates 56 care homes countrywide, is piloting a new and innovative Swiss-made anti-body test for Coronavirus. If trials continue to be successful this will be rolled out to all its care services.

A simple pin-prick blood sample from a fingertip is taken in to a small antibody test card, and twenty minutes later it can advise if you have antibodies present, which indicate that you have had the coronavirus, or that you have a negative test result. Approved by Yale University in the USA and evaluated by Public Health England, it has a highly reliable test accuracy.

As well as a temperature check on arrival and a simple health check form, this is yet another measure by Avery to help those seeking to choose a care home for their loved ones to be able to see its services in person, and then continue to visit their family member thereafter.

Avery is also working with the DHSC on other mass testing of staff and residents, which is helping to identify anyone within either of those groups who may test positive but not be displaying any symptoms of coronavirus. Continual testing is the only way to identify and isolate, progressively ensuring that any presence of the virus is eradicated from its homes and prevented thereafter.

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