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Couple reunited in Majesticare new, all-weather visiting room

by Lisa Carr

Gay Smallman, resident at Fernhill House Care Home in Worcester and one of the original “Nightingale Nurses”, last saw her husband Robert back in February just before he flew to New Zealand to visit his daughters on what should have been a 3 week trip. However due to Covid-19 and borders being closed, the 3 week trip became 5 months!

Arriving at the home, full of love and excitement to see his beautiful wife, Rob commented on how very much he has missed her “We’ve been married 45 years, and we’re thick as thieves” Gay was equally as overwhelmed describing the feeling of seeing Rob, albeit safely through a glass partition, as just “heavenly”.


Angie Ryan, Home Manager at Fernhill House, Worcester stated what an emotional moment it was for everyone and one we have been waiting for quite a few weeks. When asked about how the past few months have been, Angie commented “I am very proud to state that Fernhill House has remained Covid free throughout which wholeheartedly down to the hard work and dedication of the team here at Fernhill & the guidance & support provided Majesticare.  

Roger Pratap, Chairman at Majesticare Luxury Care Homes commented on the launch of their “Friendship Room” Fernhill House Care Home’s new, indoor visiting room.

“Early on into the pandemic, Majesticare were quick to recognise the potential lasting impact on visiting within our Homes and so we made the decision to swiftly develop, an all-weather, safe visiting room within each of our homes.

It is just wonderful to be able to bring Gay & Robert together at the opening of our very first visiting room. A beautifully decorated, private and safe space to ensure families & friends will always be able to stay safely connected in person, whatever the future may bring”

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