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New hand sanitising units to protect care home patients and staff

by Lisa Carr

Regency Design, the design and manufacturing business, has launched large and small automatic hand sanitising units and temperature reading systems to protect vulnerable patients and workers at care homes as lockdown measures begin to ease. 

Complying with the Equality Act, the automatic hand sanitising dispensers are created to accommodate care homes of all sizes and patients of all abilities as well as those in wheelchairs. 

The units are lightweight, yet robust and sturdy and feature a SteriTouch Antimicrobial powder coating to prevent the growth of bacteria, biofilm, mould and other viruses by up to 99.99%, making them safe to touch and handle. 

To protect staff and patients further, optional glove and mask boxes can be added to the side of the units for quick and easy access to necessary PPE. 

Along with these units, Regency Design has also launched a new IR thermal scanner that can read people’s temperatures from 80cm away making them non-invasive and easy to use. The thermal scanners can be attached to the side of the hand sanitising units and alert staff when a patient has a high temperature so that they can be cared for accordingly. 

Zak Manhire, Chief Commercial Officer at Regency Design, says that the team has worked hard to provide care homes with necessary PPE: “We have adapted our original automatic hand sanitising units to be inclusive of all patients at care homes, including those less able and those in wheelchairs. We have also provided various options and attachments for the units to further protect patients and staff, but in a stress free and non-invasive manner.” 

As a fully brandable product, the automatic hand sanitising units can be customised to fit into any care home with colour and logos to blend in with their environment. 

The sanitising units are 100% made in Britain, which results in quick and effective manufacturing, as well as support for the UK economy during such tough times. 

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