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Brunelcare’s Waverley Gardens welcomes tenants to new extension project

by Lisa Carr

“We left our home after 35-years and couldn’t be happier”

Natalie and Linford Duncan are one of the first tenants to move into Brunelcare’s new 62-bed extension at Waverley Gardens. The couple, who have been married for 52-years have lived in the Lockleaze area of Bristol for 35-years, and left their family home to move into their two-bedroom flat at Waverley Gardens last month.

Natalie said: “I love living at Waverley Gardens, we have the prettiest views all around our apartment and even though we don’t need care at the moment, we’re in a place where we can receive it, no questions asked. It’s like the apartment is built for us, it’s just beautiful and we couldn’t ask for anything else. It’s a great place to live!”

The Waverley Gardens build commenced in September 2019 and is now officially open and taking on new residents to live in the schemes one or two bedroom apartments, built with later life in mind. 10 of the properties are also available to purchase via shared ownership with the renaming 52 being Bristol City Council referrals. 

Linford said: “The employees here are brilliant and the other tenants are very friendly. There’s a huge communale lounge if you fancy getting out of the apartment and an onsite restaurant if we don’t fancy cooking lunch or dinner. It’s given us a new lease of life living here and we couldn’t be happier!”

The scheme’s award winning design includes a number of communal spaces, multiple shared gardens and has a secure community feel. Other shared facilities include: a communal lounge, restaurant open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week, a hair salon, parking and an onsite maintenance man. 

Christina Rees, Community Service Manager said: “It’s very exciting that we are now able to welcome new tenants to the site. Everyone who has come to live with us seems to be enjoying their new home. It’s great to have some new faces around and we are looking forward to welcoming new people with the properties that are available at the scheme too!”

If you or a loved one are interested in living at Waverley Gardens please email bibek.bhaker@brunelcare.org.uk for more information. Otherwise please visit our website www.brunelcare.org.uk

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