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Care England respond to Spending Review

by Lisa Carr

Care England, the largest representative body for independent providers of adult social care, has expressed surprise as to why social care has been left out in the cold in the Chancellor’s Comprehensive Spending Review this afternoon.

Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, says:  

“In light of the sector’s contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic, Government must support and be responsive to the needs of the sector. Of course £1 billion is welcome, we welcome every penny, but in comparison with the NHS and the challenges that the sector faces, this figure is too little and too late.Unfortunately on previous occasions when the Government gave huge amounts of money to Local Authorities it did not reach the front line so we have grave concerns about the delivery mechanism”.

The Chancellor said that there would be ‘access’ to £1 billion extra for social care, split between adult and children’s social care services most of which will be raised locally. The supporting documents also make refence to additional resources for the Better Care Fund.  Care England will be examining the detail, but this is a drop in the ocean in comparison with what the sector needs.

Care England welcomes the pay rise for nurses and hope that this extends to independent sector nurses who are equally vital to help look after our society and therefore that this will feed into the Funded Nursing Care rate for 2021/22 and continuing healthcare fees also next year.

Martin Green continues:

“Care England hopes that the Government makes good on its promise to bring forward proposals next year on its commitment to sustainable improvement of the adult social care system. This cannot wait any longer.If we thought 2020 was hard, unfortunately we have worse to come”.

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