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#PurpleTuesday and Access The Purple Pound

by Lisa Carr

Calling out to the care sector! Would you like more enquiries? Would you like to hire from a wider talent pool? If the answer is yes, sign up and join #PurpleTuesday and reap the benefits of improving the customer experience for those you currently have and those you could have.

Mike Adams CEO Purple says: “Disregard every preconceived image you have of what it means to be disabled. It doesn’t just mean someone in a wheelchair; we’re tackling hidden disabilities too. These could be mental health, learning difficulties, recovering from serious illness, or physical impairment. You can start to recognise that you may know more people than you think who have a disability, this is why it’s so important to recognise.

22% of the population is disabled. That’s an opportunity to plug the recruitment gap by being an enabling environment not just for customers but employees. The spending power of disabled people and their families is worth £274 billion, yet less than 10% of organisations have a targeted plan to access the disability market. That’s an opportunity to increase enquiry opportunities!”

It all starts with small changes. Get started and register to participate in Purple Tuesday for FREE, demonstrate your commitment to improving the experience of disabled people by making at least one commitment! This could be a commitment to conduct a web audit of your website and make plans for improvements, or gather feedback from your disabled customers through customer surveys or a mystery shopping programme and make plans to act on the results.

Top Tip:

Did you know that when using hashtags on social media, if you capitalise the first letter of each word it’s easier to read? For example instead of #disabilityinclusion, display this as #DisabilityInclusion

Have you checked that junctions between floor surfaces are arranged in a way that avoids presenting tripping hazards and causing visual confusion? This is especially relevant for those with compromised vision and other impairments such as dementia. Squint your eyes; if it’s hard to negotiate you need to change it.

It’s been an incredibly stressful year, how have you, and do you support your employees’ mental health. Start a peer-to-peer Whatsapp group for all to share experiences and talk. 

Mike continues to say: “These are all simple changes yet so effective. This is the beauty of our campaign, making small changes can have such positive effects for making social care much more accessible. Sign-up to #PurpleTuesday and start your journey.”

#PurpleTuesday takes place Tuesday on the 2nd of November 2021! Register and stand alongside other care providers to celebrate Purple https://new.purpletuesday.org.uk/get-involved/register?d=n

Mike Adams continues to say: “With more awareness and attention to accessibility the sector’s recruitment and retention woes could be a thing of the past, also a healthy rise in enquiries is likely to be noticeable as care becomes more inclusive to how people like and prefer to access services.”

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